How to replace a Porsche 944 sunroof seal

How to replace a Porsche 944 sunroof seal

In this video I’ll be replacing the sunroof seal on my Porsche 924S and showing you how to do it yourself. I also show you how clean the drains and perform other maintenance.

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David Cantrell says:

I never cut the seals to make them fit. They're usually cut to a specific length to account for expansion and contraction. If you cut them, you may end up with a gap where the two ends meet over time. When installing them, never stretch them. When I get a couple of feet away from where they mate up, I'll go ahead and butt them up and work backwards from there till it's seated. Great videos though, man… Been watching the others too.

I also use the weed eater twine method but never compressed air. Running the twine down in there to bust up any clogs and pouring some HOT water down into the holes usually takes care of the clog.

david webster says:

Excellent video.! Only thing I would suggest is if you’re going to blow out your drain hoses with compressed air is that you don’t do it from the area of the sunroof- do it from the engine bay – otherwise you could blow the drain hose off the mounts.

cet777 says:

Great video. Thanks!

Bill Denbow says:

Part number for this seal please, Pelican shows 5 different items.

teddyzp911 says:

Thanks Ed will be doing this on my car soon..

WillFreezy says:

I have an 86 944, and I know about the sunroof seal being changed. Pelican parts doesn't differentiate between the years though, and they show me that all the seals fit. I'm confused as to which one to get.

Mark Douglas says:

I did this recently with the felt seal and am having a difficult time getting it to seat correctly. Pounding around the edges just doesn't get it flush. What is the secret solution? Ha!

pmgear says:

awesome! also the walkthrough of the drainage! tthanks for posting!!

med8tor1 says:

Those drain holes is something new to me. Keep it up and thanks for posting this video.

Jon West says:

Great video, I'll refer to this when I need to do mine! Your balance shaft video is brilliant too. Your tips worked perfectly for me when I had to reinstall the balance shaft belt as the lower shaft had been misaligned by the previous owner when they did the belts. Will you be doing a video on resealing the hatch? Pelican have a blog on how to do it but video is always best. Thanks

Hiking In Sierras says:

Great video, thanks.


have you purchased any parts from autohaus? and if so, what did you think about the quality? I'm just researching suppliers for my own build.

deme7063 says:

I have the same problem. I solved my leak though by keeping it in the garage unless it is a nice, sunny day. lol

Daniel Espinosa says:

What do you think about getting parts from the Porsche Dealer than thru Pelecan? Just thinking.

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