How to install and use the DURAMETRIC DIAGNOSTIC TOOL for Porsche – TOOL OF THE WEEK

How to install and use the DURAMETRIC DIAGNOSTIC TOOL for Porsche – TOOL OF THE WEEK

Durametric is one of the most recommended diagnostic tools for Porsche vehicles. Watch me use it on my Porsche Boxster 986. It can help diagnose fault codes, reset them, help to diagnose various systems, and even do a little programming on the car. This video walks you through installing the software and using the tool via the OBD port on the car.

Durametric Tool:

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niaditmas says:

How do you activate on 2008 Porsche Cayenne gts. I don’t see the activation tab

Clint Hightower says:

Thank you for the quick overview, I needed this, never used my durametric before and didn't really know where to start or how to navigate. Just installed on my computer but haven't connected to the car yet, will be making some videos about it of my own once I have a look around, thanks again, much appreciated.

Rami Ad says:

this good for garage or workshop

Jorge Crespo says:

Does this work with a Porsche Cayenne S 2019?

James Zilla says:

this is awesome. would love to pick this up in the future

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