How to Change Porsche Brakes – Brake pad and rotor tutorial on my 911

How to Change Porsche Brakes – Brake pad and rotor tutorial on my 911

Save money changing your brakes yourself! I’ll show you how to change the brake pads and brake rotors on my 2010 Porsche 911 Carrera S (997 / 997.2). This should work for nearly any Porsche or car for that matter. For detailed DIY instructions for this job or other Porsche 997 DIY content, visit . See below for more videos and links to parts/tools used:

2009 – 2012 997.2 Parts (for CARRERA S MODEL ONLY):

Brake pads:
TRW Ceramic Pads – FRONT ($63 shipped):
TRW Ceramic Pads – REAR ($86 shipped):
Front Brake Pad Sensor ($10 shipped, 2 req’d):
Rear Brake Pad Sensor ($9 shipped, 2 req’d):

Front left brake rotor (Brembo 330mm, $167 shipped):
Front right brake rotor (Brembo 330mm, $138 shipped):
Rear left brake rotor (Bosch 330mm, $87 shipped):
Rear right brake rotor (Bosch 330mm, $82 shipped):

Tools & Accessories:
Brake pad spreader ($14 shipped):
Tekton 1/2″ Drive Torque Wrench ($28 shipped):
Loctite Anti-Seize ($8 shipped):
Permatex Brake Lube ($5 shipped):

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Video Equipment Used:
-Canon T5i DSLR:
-Rode VideoMicro Microphone:
-DSLR Tabletop Tripod:
-iMovie for video editing



Kierre Hodges says:

Dude that is fantastic! You are awesome. These videos really build my confidence in owning a 911.

Michael Lee says:

Thanks so much for the great videos. Porsche recommends new caliper bolts anytime theyre removed. The wheel uprights are aluminum and can mar when debris causes cross threading and the. Youre hosed. An alternative to those who track and swap pads and rotors frequently is to convert to studs.

René Lord says:

Could you tell what is the long rod that you screwed in one of the bolt hole to hold the wheel while you take it off an on? Thank you from Québec, Canada

Fez Choudhary says:

Hello Car Fanatic,

I'm replacing my front Textar brake pads with TRW ceramic pads on my 997 S. Can you share your experience with the TRW ceramic pads after the install in reference to pad performance? Do you feel it has better stopping power compared to OEM pads? How is the preference with spirited driving?

CP P says:

Shouldn't the drilled holes orientation be facing (the other way) downward toward the front so that the rotor will act as fan pulling air in via the center channel and disperse side ways through the holes to cool off the rotor?

Fez Choudhary says:

What size wheel spacers are you using form ECS Tuning in the front and rear?

Ather Radwi says:

I wonder if I can have your advice on upgrading the stock brakes on my Carrera 991.2 , to 991.2 Carrera S ones, or not? I of course mean, the rotors, calipers, pads, …etc.
I’m also looking for OEM glossy carbon fiber Sport Exhaust pipe tips, front spoiler lip, side mirrors caps, and all the factory fitted plastic bits and pieces. If you happen to know a trustworthy supplier selling these approved items, I would appreciate it very much!

alex wong says:

Great video, do you have any video related to changing out the rear brake shoe? Thanks.

Jack Kallemdjian says:

Exactly what do these shims do they have adhesive on them,,

Bas bzb says:

those old pads have much life left

WhichOrThat says:

Nice work, but the tip of the Porsche wheel emblem should be pointing towards the valve stem. It’s a tradition.

George Harris says:

What did you do when you broke the 10 mm bolt?

Full Octane Garage says:

Have you noticed a significant reduction in brake dust? I have been looking at the Carbotech 1521's because they claim 80% less brake dust and that is what I am trying to get rid of on both my 997 and Cayenne Diesel.

Mark Flanders says:

another great video, keep up the good work.

mariodesmo says:

I would flush out the old brake fluid regardless of how clean the it looks. It's so cheap that in my mind, it's a must do.

Joseph T says:

Great video

Vincent T. says:

Does this procedure carry over to the 911 997.1? Great helpful video by the way.

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