Replacing Pontiac GTO/Holden Monaro Trunk Lift Supports • Cars Simplified: Part Replacement

Replacing Pontiac GTO/Holden Monaro Trunk Lift Supports • Cars Simplified: Part Replacement

Replacing the lift supports (sometimes mistakenly called trunk shocks or trunk struts) in a 2004/2005/2006 Pontiac GTO (or 2001-2006 Holden Monaro “V2” and “VZ”, or the Chevrolet Lumina Coupé, or the Vauxhall Monaro) is pretty straightforward once you know what you’re doing in that limited space available.

• Tools and parts you’ll need, with links that support the channel*:
Trim Removal tool: (Same as what I used in the video.)
Flat Head Screwdriver: (You don’t need this whole set for this job, but it’s good to have a set, especially if your replacement lift support uses a different size than mine.)
Lift Supports: (Pair, brand used in video. StrongArm F6434)

0:00 • What This Video Covers
0:33 • Accessing & Removing the Lift Supports
1:11 • Optional Step
1:23 • Installing The New Lift Support
1:50 • Replacing as a Pair Versus Replacing Just One
2:26 • Replacing The Other Trunk Lift Support (Different Angle)
2:37 • This Also Fixed This GTO’s Trunk Release Issue
2:56 • More Angles Replacing The GTO Trunk Lift Support
3:12 • Clean-Up & Ending

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Jeremy Johns says:

This was a quality of life fix. Did mine last year!

michael norwood says:

Even with new trunk lift supports the trunk is so heavy because of that heavy spoiler. I’m going to order a lighter lip spoiler some day.

Slow Goat says:

Show us how to fix the window regulators that get stuck

802 Garage says:

Strange trunk configuration, but seems easy enough!

Dave McGuigan says:

When I replaced the struts on my Subaru Legacy wagon about 10 years ago I had the rear hatch resting on my head for a few minutes while I replaced both struts. It's great when you have new struts replacing the old worn out ones!

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