Pontiac Solstice Buttress Stuck?! SAY LESS | How to fix solstice buttress issue

Pontiac Solstice Buttress Stuck?! SAY LESS | How to fix solstice buttress issue

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The Jesse Acosta says:

Thank you for posting this video. This video really saved me a ton of money. I was not sure how to go about fixing it. I thought about removing the the buttress all together on the outside so I could release the top. I was afraid to attempt it because I was sure I would make things worse not better. This was such a simple fix.

The Jesse Acosta says:

What kind of fishing weight did you use, and how did you attach it to the cable?

Dystro Music says:

I laughed really hard when you said not many younger people have Solstices. I was ordering an intake from a guy and he didn't believe I had one because I'm 17 haha! Really weird I found this video because I had an issue with this yesterday except I couldn't get the buttress in.

Robert Watson says:

This just happened to me this evening. Man thank you so much for making this video, it's definitely appreciated!!!

Leandro Mora Labbe says:

my solstice came up with this issue yesterday, so lucky that you upload this just when a needed it. THANKS

Leatherkid01 says:

Youre a good guy 🙂 not may people sells cars clean

Bradford White says:

*This week on flip that car lol

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