How to replace power window regulator 1999-2006 Pontiac Grand Am

How to replace power window regulator 1999-2006 Pontiac Grand Am

In this video I will show you how to replace the power window regulator on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Am



Chris Olesch says:

Your video was very helpful. Thank you

DJ R says:

Ha, I could hear some guy singing outside your shop at 14:30. You made that job look easy – Removing that epoxied window clip would have been good viewing!

ReclusiveMountainMan says:

Where do you get your SAE and metric bolts/nuts for the shop? Any kits you recommend?

wyattoneable says:

You caught me day dreaming and looking off to the side. (ha ha) That was funny, asking us why were looking over there. I'm already travelling for the upper State. I'll be stopping at Mike's for a night then were camping at his in-laws property. See you soon.

Sidney Mathious says:

That is an educational video and you was great at repairing that window problem. I am glad that I saw it and can repair a problem like that myself. I hope you are having a nice week, and a safe one also.

Ed Burns says:

I tried a few glues on that plastic window clip. What finally worked was Goop, also sold as E-6000. It is rubbery when it dries and it stuck to both the nylon and the glass. Amazing stuff, it's my glue of choice for almost everything now. I still use JB Weld for certain situations but it has no flex when dried.

RMG 234 says:

Thanx for another great vid jim

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