How to Install 93-02 Chevy Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Front Lower Suspension Control Arm

How to Install 93-02 Chevy Camaro / Pontiac Firebird Front Lower Suspension Control Arm




Dimitrios F says:

I got into a small accident on the highway recently mine snapped in half. If I do aftermarket do I HAVE TO DO THE OTHER SIDE or should I just go back to stock? Just worried about messing up my front end with one side stock and the other aftermarket. Trying to keep the car original & also tight on money thanks to COIVD. Any tips? It's a 1999 SS with 180,000 miles.

Anthony Wayne says:

Excellent video bro and kudos to you for your choice of music. Some people's choices make the video hard to watch.

maldo72 says:

I dont see these for sale anymore ???

PachecoVlogs says:

Can the ball joint and bushings be replaced if it wares out in the future?? Or will have to buy the whole assembly again??

sjd73ss says:

Who uses a ball joint fork anymore lol? Just tap the spindle with hammer and they pop right out

Silicon Valley Engineer says:

That was a smooth and simple install, good video. The key to this install was having the car up in the air on the floor jack. I'm amazed that those OEM shocks seem to last forever.

Kei lylmm says:

Great tutorial.. I'm in the process of upgrading my entire suspension on my 94 Pontiac Trans am. I'm installing BMR suspension components front to rear including sub frame connector's. I'm going to be installing adjustable BMR upper and lower control arms on my 94 Pontiac Trans am…

PachecoVlogs says:

Can you replace just the ball joints and bushing on this product??

PachecoVlogs says:

Can you replace just the ball joint on this product like OEM control arms???

willy Jilly says:

It's a good tutorial on a immaculate car. I just attempted this and the bolt going into the control arm bushing is seized. I'm using a 5 lb sledge and 10 pound and the bolt is laughing at me because its surrounded by rubber. I split wood all the time I can swing a hammer this thing ain't moving. You cant unfreeze something like that without oxy/acetylene heat. I'm at the point where I have to cut the control arm, and then cut the bushing/bolt. My car is now unusable until I go through this laborious task of angle grinding the control arm off. Please don't attempt this unless you got the space and patience. .

Larry Holloway says:

Well this guy is obviously professional, but if are not replacing everything. I would scribe the alignment locations, and never use a fork if you are planning on reusing the ball joint. If you scribe and replace the worn components , it most likely will be in the original alignment specifications.

Dennis Desmangles Jr. says:

Does anyone know where to find replacement bushings for the DNA front control arms shown in this video? I need some.

Dwayne Burnes says:

I did the ones on my 94 ta not to bad

Harry Jones says:

I have an 89 camaro. This isn't much help. Darn.

Austin AZEuros says:

When will these be for sale again?

key thing says:

Thanks for the video !….. Looking forward to more F body how too's…

Chris Lake says:

Now do a video where the car is from the rust belt

Rock Roll says:

The lower control arm mounting bolt holes are slotted. Where should you set the bolts at? To get it to the shop for alignment?

Jay Vasquez says:

Looking for a video on how to do the front upper arms! Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

dnamotoring says:


Macestrom says:

How did you remove the front horizontal 21mm control arm bolt with the extra piece on it? Seems that the arm with the rubber is in the way, and then gets moves out of the way off camera

Boccaccio Boyer says:

Great video, currently doing this on my 94 Camaro, I just wish getting those arm bolts were that easy to get out.

Veremalus says:

awesome tutorial guys thank you so much! I feel confident I can do this myself with all the steps shown so well. Cant afford a mechanic but I love my TA too much to not try and fix it.

Joshua Duarte says:

do these come in red

Joshua Duarte says:

have these in mind

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