Fixing an Overheating Pontiac Firebird – Part 1

Fixing an Overheating Pontiac Firebird – Part 1

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@wadebelcher1338 says:

Get rid of all that after market stuff go back factory oem

@michaeldowling5590 says:

Mine did same thing. Found out no coil spring inside lower radiator hose. It would suck the top hose closed. Put spring in and all good

@oicu81b42eh says:

get rid of that boat anchor and put an LS or LT engine it!

@jblovell9065 says:

Ron Davis custom radiator

@brianbarry6909 says:

From what I saw the antifreeze looked like full strength Not a 50/50. Witch can make motors run hot.Just Saying

@willbachman9312 says:

I was going to say sand in the casting and probably plugged rad

@7x779 says:

So what did you do to fix it?

@AiOinc1 says:

Calling it now, fan or thermostat backwards and the radiator is full of garbage from sitting

@keithlea6804 says:

400 Chevy motors were junk. Always had over heating issues. Prone to head and block cracks from the coolant ports too cylinder walls if i remember correctly.

@hotrodchevy4524 says:

I hate videos like this this is how these people get you to watch their channel good luck.

@truckinggeorge says:

I had that problem for a long time on a 71 lemans sport ,tried everything to stop it overheating but nothing worked,finally i was out in the hills and stopped at an old old gas station and told the attendant the problem, he said it was the gasket between the carb and the intake manifold and he had the gasket hanging on the wall.i thought that cant be but after changing the gasket the overheating stopped and never came back

@vcmdpropulsion126 says:

ok so "WHATS IN THE BOOOOOX" hate half videos.

@mach5jeep says:

Having two fans spinning at different speeds can cause a dead spot between them. And you know what is between them? The radiator.

@therifftones2198 says:

My dad had this car in a hardtop, we rocketed down the Old London Highway at 140 mph when I was 12 yrs old. What a day that was thanks Pops.

@Daveunruh says:

You sure it’s not a missing thermostat?

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