38 Pontiac Coupe Trunk Dent repair and body work

38 Pontiac Coupe Trunk Dent repair and body work

In this video I work on getting all the dents out of the trunk using a stud welder and smooth out some welds using a hand held planishing hammer. We then take to doing the body work on the trunk to get the car closer to primer.

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Seb says:

you sure have patience my friend, as Pablo too , while watching on you doing a great job …

ron stewart says:

Looking great.

Jim Vogel says:

impressive…do you take in customer work or only work on your own stuff?

QuickSpeedShop says:

Pontiac looks awesome aired down.  Going to be a super cool ride.  Going to bust my '37 Buick out in a week or two for the season.

Ronald Hagadorn says:

A lot of people dont realize how much work is involved! In real time they would wimp out! Working on cars an trucks for over 45 years I
Know how hard it is!

David Iggulden says:

I remove the studs by using a close cut side cutter on the head as close to the metal as possible then squeeze and twist, usually they just pop off. I rarely need to grind them off

William Carey says:

I have a friend that does high end bodywork and paint. He gets the metal close to perfect then removes most of it. The end job if flawless. I have seen him spend a week or two in prep

MrHevyshevy says:

Pour it on. That’s how I do too. When I do it.

Joe Sask says:

looking good man

john york says:

sounds as good as it look nice work

Uncle Larryboy says:

Thanks for taking us along on this ride.

Jay R says:

Great job!! Lookin cool!!

william nichols says:

I really like your build series. I also like your shop dogs. My dog won’t come into the garage.

SNOOP U 2 says:

Looking great I know you have done that before. That's the part no 9ne likes to do is the body work a whole lotta sanding once you get it primerd you can put the guid coat and see depending on what color you'll know how much more work you'll put into the body work.

SNOOP U 2 says:

I would have skim coat the whole trunk sand just until you see metal be nice and straight I've had plenty of experience with bondo. Took me many year's to get the art down pact. I first started I was just covering where the dent was at so I kept on adding and sanding until this old timer showed me a few tricks on covering the whole area with a skim coat less sanding.

glassblastcollision says:

Hit it with a spray bomb for a guide coat.

glassblastcollision says:

I use corvette panel adhesive to seal it first as its truly water proof.

Norm Stephens says:

Cool! Have you ever used a shrinking disk on some of those body panels? It's on my list of things to try. The dents that aren't creased … I've used a combination of heat and ice to get them to pop back out. During the summer months I would just set the panel needing work out in the sun and it will often heat up enough for that. Then I will rub ice cubes around the outside edges of the dent to get it to pop back into place. The same thing can be accomplished with a heat gun, and ice cubes/dry ice/or canned air. Often works very well when you're trying to avoid repainting a panel.

RoadratEddie says:

"It's only 10 til 11"…..Only????

John Hansen says:

Nothing wrong with your technique…you are a professional.

briquetaverne says:

You have some really awesome tools. The "Hammer & Dolly on steroids" for example is a tool I've never seen before in my life. …and I'm old! By the way… Since you're down to the metal, have you thought about hiding the gas door? Perhaps in the trunk? ..or behind a tail light like in the 1950's or behind the license plate as in the 60's to 80's? …or at least move it to the driver's side?

greg work shop says:

hi looking very cool

Steven Ayala says:

You got all the good tools !

bobbyoz says:

looks grate!

jeff snyder says:

thats lookin cool outside ,id like to see a stock one next to it just for grins .THANKS!!!

Pete says:

Would it kill you to show the process of using the stud gun in real time? What's the point of fast motion anyways? I just don't get it. Not to mention the horrible music you youtubers seem to think us viewers want to listen to. Believe it or not there are actually youtube channels dedicated to music,,,and we get to choose our own. If you're using a grinder, I want to listen to the grinder,,,in ,,,real ,,,,time. Isn't that the point of making the video. For people to watch what you're doing. If you think that would be boring, at least it makes more sense then fast motion where you don't really see anything. Plus it's definitely impossible to learn anything when the process is going a million miles an hour !!!

HomeSpun Tools says:

Hey Brent , have never used a planishing hammer or a stud welder. Back in school we learned to braze a leftover piece of brazing rod to the lowest spot and with a vice grip on the rod and a piece of wood scrap across the low spot you would roll the vice grip back and the dent would lift up. Repeat the process as required. Happy to see the body work action .Don't rush… but waiting to see in primer.

Robbie Jones says:

U should name it the goat

Robbie Jones says:

The chop u put on the top brought the lines of the car out perfect super nice job sweet ass ride

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