Peugeot 208 P0420 / Catalytic converter diagnose and Fix!

Peugeot 208 P0420 / Catalytic converter diagnose and Fix!

How to diagnose and Fix a P0420 on a 2014 Peugeot 208.




You must be in Canada and not U.S

Oliver Denniss says:

That's the car I have! Roland Garros edition 🙂 with the same colour seats and all! Except mine is a 1.6, 4 cylinder, which I have just got the engine warning light on, stating emission problem haha

MasterWomanGuerline says:

Hello, Dan. Great video.One question if you did not find a leak, would you still replace the can for inability to store oxygen?

Lucian Lucian says:

Good diagnostic bro. Unfortunately in our country, we do have Peugeots…

A RAHMAN says:

Hats off to you sir you are genius

Thomas EXOVCDS says:

That's quite a crack! You find / get all the interesting problems! =)

carl mayers says:

Hi Dan is the top sensor bank 1 thanks

Turgut Can Meseli says:

Peugeot 208 1.2 vti 82 H
definition of fault
P0420 catalytic
type : regional
position : temporary fault
features of faulty : loss of activity

set system full : 024
front wealth correction factor : 004
back wealth correction factor : 002
state of wealth regulation : open loop special cruising conditions
engine revolt : 2993
engine water temperature : 088
vehicle speed : 076
intake manifold pressure : 0450
battery voltage 13,5

my vehicle gives this fault, I take it to the service and delete it, it is on again after 1 day what do i have to do? Could you help
what is the absolute defective piece

Rosendo Medina says:

Excellent explanations Dan !!! how wideband sensor works ? subscribed and thumb up !! thank you!!

Bilal Flayeh says:

Great job Mr : Dan , thanks

Paul Enimil says:

I Just watch some of your videos today I am very impressed, you are a master technician.

Aissaanes Lyes says:

Switching between the two O2 sensors is an option to know if our downstream sensor is good or not , just an opinion , you are the master

Aissaanes Lyes says:

The countries that don't have Peugeot cars are lucky because EB2 engines of PSA are a piece of crap

Richard Mounfield says:

Wow well diagnosed , I particularly like it when the before fault and after fix is shown making it a proper fix video .I have recently subscribed and am enjoying watching your professional approach to diagnosing and fixing the faults. regards Rich.

Texas Pipeliner says:

Nice video. I suspect vibration from engine causing fatigue cracking of converter.

rickydude2001 says:

Thanks for the video, with detailed explanation on the diagnostic you're doing,a lot of us are learning a lot form you..keep up the good work

Jesus Malagon says:

Thanks exelent thanks

Bob T says:

the way you go through these problems and break down the explanation is quite good. learning something with each video! cheers…

Jack Tingzon says:

Im now addicted to your videos dan. Thanks for sharing your gift.

Richard Gill says:

Nice job again

Qwerty1235945 says:

Dan, that's the best explanation as to how cats work I've ever come across. I knew the upstream O2 pulsed, and the downstream should stay static, and I now understand why. Thanks very much.

Great diagnosis there!

I'm loving watching all of your vidoes!

james ford says:

gracias maestro dan por compartir lo maximo

Noe Torres says:

Very helpul, thanks

Chad Gardee says:

Wow you make everything make sense great diagnosis

Ralf's Automotive Diagnostics & Repair says:

Looks like that Car, or should I say these Cars need a flex joint added or it is simply a mass produced mistake lol. Great Video.

Alexander Vietoshkin says:

Great video and thanks for the explanation! It's hard to find something as clear and well-understood as the explanation provided. I have similar trouble on a similar car and I'll try to follow instructions, hopefully it will work…

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