peugeot 207 1.4 petrol clutch replacement

peugeot 207 1.4 petrol clutch replacement

2010 peugeot 207.. step y step guide to removing gearbox, to install clutch and replace gearbox.



momas10 says:

Best youtube vedo ive seen yet, going too give it a go myself,, thanks 😉

James Smith says:

So this guy replaces a clutch on the floor in the rain with limited space and no padding on the floor with no help and he get it into a short video. Massive props to this guy I'll be doing this on the 2posts at work forget doing it on the floor

bigpimp347 says:

great video,
got one of these to do wednesday, i've got 205, C2, 206 but not a 207,
pretty much the same but a few more bits to remove..
thanks for the video..

Carl Hutchison says:

Thanks the amount of plastic on bemmers and you have no room to move the engine has to be lifted out harf way it's the deisel model 4 years old .merc, audi, rangerover, discovarys, all have there Owen problems BMW mini the most amount of bolts to come out .very good video put more on sorry to see you get wet and snow on the day you changed the clutch.

Carl Hutchison says:

Did a peugeot deisel 207 fun the bolt at front above slave cylinder were it only turns 1/4 of a inch then backs on to the DPF braket there was fun getting it out all done running the 6mm Alan keys bolts for the starter fun aswell cheers very good job .BMW tommow .

John C says:

Made it look easier than most vids..did you replace clutch, plate and bearing while it was resting on subframe?

David Richardson says:

Good wee video handy for ref

Fredrik Karlsson says:

Thanks man, very useful. Doing this job on a 207 right now actually. But why drain the transmission oil? Just for the sake of it?

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