Installing rear view camera – Peugeot 308

Installing rear view camera – Peugeot 308

Installing rear view / reverse camera – Peugeot 308 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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How to remove original Radio Unit Peugeot 308:

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bebel21zm says:

Bun video . Foarte bine explicat . Multumesc!

Hawk Mosman says:

Hi Adrian amazing channel mate! Can I ask for a link about a Peugeot 308CC model 2009 please?

Andrei Paduraru says:

Salut. Vin cu o intrebare. Am achizitionat o camera se bord cu tot cu camera de mansarier dar am si o navigatie si as vrea sa conecte camera la navigatie.. am fost la un mecanic care se pricepe pe partea electrica si mi s a spus ca acea camera nu corespunde cu navigatia. Aceasta are android. Voi ce stiti e posibil asa ceva?

George Paraschiv says:

Sa vezi ce-o sa ma distrez eu, ca la mine nu se rabateaza bancheta!

Edward R says:

I didn't see the camera at the back, if it is shown, can someone give the time stamp please.

Dery Allen says:

Where you buy for headunit ?

Mic L 719 says:

How on 307 cc?

Doru Pascan says:

Salutare,ff frumos chiar voi monta si eu asa ceva pe opelu meu ,interesant si frumos tutorialul,mult succes in continuare .

myteststuff says:

Hi Adrian,
I really like your Peugeot videos, they are of such great help!
At the moment, I'm trying to install a rear cam myself here on the 308. My cam is a variant attached to a license-plate light. However, that version has the video cable on the inside of the light, so any cabling must go somewhere along the inside of the bumper.
Is there a trick to make a cable go from, say, the left rear light to right over the left license-plate light without taking the whole bumper apart?
The license-plate cam seems so widely used, so I bet someone must have done it on a 308… I appreciate any tips here 🙂
Thanks, Sascha

Ironhand Studio says:

Multumesc frumos. Foarte bun explicat.

Marko Korevec says:

19:22 How did you change so that Radio Station name shows in the bar at the bottom ( favorites ) ?

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