Install Android 8.1 Multimedia Unit – Peugeot 307

Install Android 8.1 Multimedia Unit – Peugeot 307

Install Android 8.1 Multimedia Unit – Peugeot 307
Android 8.1 Car GPS Navigation Multimedia Radio For Peugeot 307
Remplacement d’un autoradio sur la Peugeot 307 par un Android Multimedia

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Panait Mira says:

Peugeotul 307 e vel mai bin ieu ăi dau 5 stele

Panait Mira says:

Doarte tare

建阳 says:


Mihai-Radu says:

Salut. Foarte util tutorial. Merge pornita unitatea si fără contact?

Fuat VURAL says:

Great tutorial thanks

Ivàn Leonardo says:

Hello, the cable that informs that it is in reverse, did you connect it out of the camera or is it automatic in the original connector of the system? Thank you

Djebar Yahia says:

hi i would like to know when I install this DVD on my 307 after can I buy back camera for installing on it? thanks in advance

Marcio Jose Pinho Da Silva Jose says:


Aonde eu em compro este aparelho

Me mande o link


Stephen Heusz says:

This is an excellent tutorial. Too bad I have replaced my 307 for a 3008.

Condor Condor says:

هل يوجد توصيل للجزائر وشكرا مسبقا

Ahmed Abdullah says:

هل يوجد توصيل الى العراق

Georgian Cristan Dană says:

Salut Adrian,
Daca nu ma insel, inainte de schimbare parca aveai unitate originala RT6 (parca ii spune) prin care umblai in setarile masinii (insemnand data, ora, etc). Acum ca ai instalat noua interfata, cum mai modificari data/ora. Daca tii apasat pe buton se reteseaza trip'ul.
Bafta !

dimitri montagne says:

Tu l acheter ou

Muhammed Ismaili says:

Where did you buy this multimedia unit??
Do you have a link for me??

Bobo Bobchev says:

From where is buy the multimedia please give me link .Thank you.

Quentin Lfvr says:

Hey dude have u a same model for 207 ? :p

Lucio Javier Flores Deniz says:

Hello brother..! Nice video where did you get it? Can I get same or similar stereos Android for my Peugeot 407, 2006??

A M says:

Já criei outro.

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