How to replace the rear light bulbs PEUGEOT 208 1 💡

How to replace the rear light bulbs PEUGEOT 208 1 💡

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Needed parts:
– Lightbulbs :

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Rear light bulbs on a Peugeot 208 1.

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Needed tools:
-💣🤖🏆The complete toolbox recommended by UseTool ES to repair your 208 1 : 🏆🤖💣

– Paper towel

🔝💪Safely lift your 208 1 with the hydraulic jack: and axle stands: recommended by UseTool EN 💪🔝

– No lifting equipment necessary


Usetool’s warnings
Never touch the lightbulbs with your bare fingers.

Usetool’s infos
– Always ensure the lightbulbs are correctly placed (flat position).

– Why is it important not to touch the lightbulbs with your fingers?

– When you touch something with your fingers, you unwillingly deposit a thin layer of grease and dust on the object. When the bulb is lit, the glass becomes extremely hot.
This thin layer of dust and grease is prone to storing more heat at this very spot, thereby weakening the glass and ultimately making it explode.

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Remove the light box
1:20 Replace the bulbs
1:58 Put the light box back



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