How to fix rattling air filter box in 1.6HDi engines (Peugeot/Citroen/Volvo/Mini)

How to fix rattling air filter box in 1.6HDi engines (Peugeot/Citroen/Volvo/Mini)

Is your air filter box rattling and producing noise. Here is how you can fix the most common faults! Check the description as well. Car is 1.6HDi Peugeot Partner 2007 (M59; ~96,000 miles), the same as a 2007 1.6HDi Citroen Berlingo.

If you cannot understand my accent, subtitles are included.

I will show in the video several of the most common failures of these air filter boxes. They really start to rattle once the pins are broken or the rubber grommets have perished.

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The grommets that I used are these:

The rubber grommets that fit in the small holes for the airbox pins as far as I can measure are outside diameter 20mm, inside diameter 12mm and the internal groove 1.6mm. Not too sure, but I think this contains the same grommets that I used:

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Peter Hemmings says:

I have the "Rattle"! and will be replacing the bottom grommets.
Can you please confirm the approximate size "The rubber grommets that fit in the small holes for the airbox pins as far as I can measure are outside diameter 20mm, inside diameter 12mm and the internal groove 16mm".
Should the grove be 1.6mm!?

Lordy Gordy says:

Ummm..ummmm…uhhhh…would b better to talk clear and less ummm ahhh uhhh !!!

Rob says:

Got a mini cooper D (basically same engine) with annoying buzzing rattling coming from the airbox. Going to inspect this now, thank you

Anne Daykin says:

Thankyou so much. This video has be invaluable in helping me source the parts and in working out how to fix my car. Everything is incredibly clear and easy to follow. Thanks again. Ken

BKingTz says:

You can use proper size rubber fuel cable/hose it can fit tight and it will hold with no problem.

Marvin S. says:

You could take all that out and use a cone air filter

Tony Paolozzi says:

good afternoon i hope you are doing well, the airbox lower mounts you refer to are called "silent block mounts "and can be obtained separately for around £7 a pair ,hope this helps other and yourself looking for these mounts instead of having to buy the whole bracket complete which isnt cheap. (part no 1436.s4).

Eren K says:

Thanks you very muchhhh !!!

engin engin says:

thank you from turkey

jhn says:

From the minute 14:14, what are the seals called?

Ian Grindley says:

Thank you for an excellent well explained video! Watched this video last night, as I had a replacement air box to fit on my Peugeot 308 today. My garages quote for the job was very expensive, so I decided I could do this myself. Your advice and tips made the job very easy from start to finish. I managed to buy a new air box quite cheap on Ebay, as mine had started to split in half and the top mounting bushes were broke. I used your top tip of a rubber grommet on one of the bottom mounting holes, as one was missing. The job is now all complete and the engine is so much quieter! Many thanks once again for your advice. Keep up the good work.

zemba val says:

Thank you !!

I've been able to change all the rubber dampeners on a 307 1.6 hdi thanks to you . I was not able to remove the airbox but i could reach the holes in the bottom and eventually put the dampeners, but it was REALLY difficult (struggled really badly). The rattling is over now


Excellent vidéo .merci .. beaucoup compassion . merci pour votre temps et dévotion

A. Osvaldo Jiménez Paredes says:

Thank you very much from Chile

zemba val says:

Thanks for this video, very helpful.

I noticed that you have sandows on your thermic plate. Did you put them to fix the noise of the vibrating thermic plate ? What kind of sandow is that and how did you attach them ?

Egon1982 says:

On peugeot 307 that i recently bought – bottom part of airbox got a hole from rubbing against egr valve 😉 egr valve got hole as well 😉
Unfortunatelly its happend because airbox holds in place only on air pipes and one last bottom pin of airbox. All other pins are broken/missing same as left bottom plastic bracket

Eralp Kuru says:

Hi, do you have any suggestions for insulation to prevent air leaks from the edges? also about the plastic cracks on the screw holes of filter housing ?

Usmanali Butt says:

Hello, did the box only make noise when you start the car.

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