A/C Compressor Clutch, Pulley & Electromagnet Replacement – Peugeot 307

A/C Compressor Clutch, Pulley & Electromagnet Replacement – Peugeot 307

Video where I replace A/C Compressor Clutch + Pulley & describe how to replace the Electromagnet – Peugeot 307 SW (2005).
Hope it helps.



Anonymous says:

Is it fixed yet?

Игорь Лобанов says:

Hello! Have you ever had to change the radiator of the cabin heater?

Edmund Brennan says:

My 307sw (220,000km) Compressor pulley is quiet when the engine is running but there is a rattle when the AC is switched on. Is this a pulley bearing problem or a compressor shaft problem. No noise when engine running suggests that the bearing is OK. However maybe it rattles when there is a load on it from the clutch. You mentioned that problems with the bearing/pulley are common. AC is working, just rattling. Thanks for your opinion and your great videos.

Meir Zeevi says:

Thanks a lot for this greate video 🙂

ErikMuurman says:

Have you ever found the problem why the ac didn't work? Because i would love to know what the solution was for the problem?

fretless world says:

Please could you watch this video ?
I have Citroën grand Picasso when release gas pedal comes a noise .No any proglem no any noise when car start just when l drive on hill climber and release gas pedal comes noise but not all speed for example noise coming (gear 3) 26-27 mph
(gear 2) 16 -17mph no any noise other speeds.l took the car 5 garage all mechanic Said normal
But before no any noise .

mdx41 says:

U mnie jest straszny hałas jak załącza się klimatyzacja i jak pracuje. Podejrzewam, że sprzęgło ślizga i łożysko hałasuje pod obciążeniem. Gdzie kupiłeś zestaw naprawczy samego sprzęgła i jakiej firmy? W sklepach internetowych albo brak albo ceny 400+. Proszę o odpowiedź na priv i z góry dzięki.

afisz says:

Cześć, to niewiarygodne ale wrzucasz kolejno filmy z tym co na bieżąco psuje się w moim 307 😀 Spec od klimatyzacji po 30 sec osłuchaniu zdiagnozował zatarcie sprężarki. Następny stwierdził że niekoniecznie. Z takimi odgłosami jeżdżę już od roku więc spróbuję wpierw Twojej metody. Dzięki za poświęcony czas i przekazaną wiedzę!

Niko Belic says:

For videos goos job,Peugeot i shit on that car…

Niko Belic says:

I have 2.0 hdi 100kw 136 hp 307 piss of shit ….the worst car ever….i spend all my money on him ….on end i burn him …fuck peugeot 307 and Peugeot…..stupid car

MrStankoman says:

Have you checked the AC gas pressure. If the pressure is too low, the clutch will not engage. That could be your problem. So you have to refill the AC and use UV leak detection, to identify where your leak is. In my case it was on the condenser/radiator. So I had to replace the radiator and refill the AC.

Yarppa says:

Great video, once again. 🙂 Thank you very much!

flissfloss says:

I recently fitted a Resistor for the heater blower as it didn't work on settings 1 &2. but fine on 3 and 4.Once fitted the Air Conditioning started working for the first time in 2 years as soon as i set it to setting 1 you could hear the Compressor clutch clicking. Worth checking when you go through wiring. My car is a Peugeot 307 SW.Thanks for all the excellent videos.

Ventsislav Kudev says:

I have a problem with the driver's door.It does not unlock every time from the central lock and i need to use the key to unlock it.
Please make a video about disassembling and fixing the locking mechanism.

Ammar Abbasi says:

Nice video and very useful!
How can I take off A/C that it's in the cabin for cleaning it?

icemixpt says:

Hi i have a problem, the horn does not work what solution do you sugest? Its a 307 of 2003, thanks, i realy like the videos

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