Nissan Pathfinder Visor Fix

Nissan Pathfinder Visor Fix

2013 Nissan Pathfinder saggy visor fix



Stephen Olawoye says:

Thanks so much for posting this.  You saved me almost $130.

Deer Chaser says:

Dude! Perfect video. I just fixed both of my visors this evening in an hour. Finally, they’re not flopping and are secure to the roof. Unfortunately I wasn’t quite soft enough and snapped a cap in half. I’d rather pay for a cap vs. two more junky sun visors. Thanks again for the vid, saved me a ton!!

Brandon Fritz says:

Thanks so much 2015 Pathfinder visor is now repaired. Just took my time with being very careful and patient with the separation. One difference is that the arm was trapped by a piece of plastic, but I was still able to feed the cable ties through and pull them nice and tight. Thank you for your directions.

Gary Gagnon says:

Just fixed mine!!!! Thank you very much sir!!!! Ingenious idea that works perfectly!!!

gdeloscobos36 says:

Thank you Robert !! You are the Best !

Tony Gravity says:

The tie wraps didn't hold very long for me. Screwing a 2 inch screw through the plastic and into the metal part and through plastic again solved the issue for good.

meh2424 says:

Paid the dealer 275 to fix dangling driver visor. One week later the passenger visor did the same thing. This video saved me hundreds. Thank you for taking the time to post. From start to finish it took me less than 15 minutes.

Dan the CNC Tool Man says:

Wish I would have seen this first. I ripped the fabric and tried epoxy. Did fine in the winter time but not so much in the heat of summer. Pieces of crap are not worth $120.

Diana Andrews says:

Thank you so much for your video. It was right on point for my SUV. I have an Infiniti JX35. All the same. I was able to fix my sun visor with your assistance and zip ties. It was very easy. In my opinion, the hardest part was removing the screw cover. Saved me money. Thanks again.

A Awadh19 says:

Thank you! that was really helpful.

Bill Smith says:

Thanks! Great fix. I hope it lasts a long time.

J Martin says:

THANK YOU for this. I was getting ready to spend $80 to replace my visor, but the ziptie method worked perfectly!

Rick Briggs says:

You da man! Thanks Rob! It was smacking my learner driving daughter on the head.

dave timmerman says:

Thanks ! This hangs down just enough that I hit my big head on it every time I try to see around the pillar or checking mirrors. Do you know if there is a recall for this part? Seems like it could be a dangerous situation.

Raymond Lopez says:

You are a savior! I had someone quote me $300 to fix!!!

Peter Charman says:

Thanks so much for your detailed explanation and great videotaping. After paying for the driver-side fix at the dealership, got smart and YouTubed. Thanks for not having me pay twice!!

Laureano Cangahuala says:

Robert – thanks for posting; much appreciated. I had the analogous problem on a Nissan Murano. Due to its slightly different design, I had to use 4 small zip ties (instead of 2 'regular' ones that you used), and I had to rip stitches and resew the fabric back around the visor. I chuckled at your comment at 7:02 about the 'poor design' with respect to the wiring. Thanks again – cheers,

jose echeverria says:

thank you very much !!!!

progressive816 says:

Thank you sir! I will be doing this very soon.

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