Nissan Frontier WINDOW REGULATOR And MOTOR Replacement

Nissan Frontier WINDOW REGULATOR And MOTOR Replacement

This is a repair video on how to replace a window motor and or regulator on you Nissan Frontier, with easy to follow instructions! If you like the video please subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up, thanks for watching!



Peggs' World says:

Where did you purchase parts ?
Part numbers ?
Mine's a 2011 Frontier Pro 4x

Allison Quick says:

Thank you! Great info…myself and a friend just successfully swapped out the motors. Cheers!

joe benjamin says:

Hey Man! Great job! This was clear and simple and you helped me fix mine. Thanks!!

Electric Life says:

You rock! Saved me from getting ripped off at the dealership! Bought the part for like $25 and did it myself. Thank you!

Van Gregg says:

Very well done! Thank you. I just finished replacing mine, and thanks to your intuitive tutorial it was a slam dunk. You saved me money today : )

True North Muskoka says:

Great video dude. Well instructed. I have an unrelated question. My door was hit and the body shop wants to replace the entire door because they feel the crash bar in the door is bent but I dont see any crash bar on that door. Does it have one or is that metal inner frame of the door it.

Frank Cotter says:

Your video saved me hours of work. Thank you.

John Barton says:

Well Done!! By far the clearest and most precise instructions of the several videos I checked. After seeing this I was struck by the lack of details in some other videos. Give yourself a raise!

Todd Jessup says:

how then do you get the window back in!! I'm try to refit a replacement.. got the panel off now how do you get window in without breaking it..??

Shawn Becigneul says:

Great video! Was very easy to follow and made my task easy!

Ian Mc says:

I appreciate the tips and a straight-forward video without a metric tonne of endless talking like some Youtube vids. My motor was completely not working and rather than cut the regulator cables, I was able to lift the window/regulator up high enough to get the left bolt and then drilled a hole to get to the other. My motor's brushes had grease in them past the dust seal, used another video here on Youtube to clean and repair the motor.

Nino Fiol says:

You made this such an easy fix!. THANK YOU, my brother!!!
2008 Frontier

Imdudesdad says:

Great video Kentucky Yankee. Thank you.

Gabriel Caban says:

Thanks! Perfect instructions. If you're about to do this project make sure you buy the sealant beforehand just in case

Richard Powell says:

Thank you for saving us money and time. I’m surprised you could fit your test light probes into those tiny wire connection terminals. Most people would want to buy needle point probes. I just used sewing needles and stuck them in the terminal and touched my probes on them. My switch was good. How the heck did your giant test light fit on the terminals?

Martinez Jose says:

Great video. Do you recommend changing motor and regulator?

Ronald Chase says:

thanks, made it look easy, question when you put the new Motor in, how did you keep the Glass up ??

EludeAdaptSurvive Reid says:

Great video, thanks you for helping me save hundreds of dollars. The nissan dealership where I live wanted almost $500 for window motor and regulator, then they wanted to charged me a little over $100 for installation. Got a replacement unit from Autozone for $82. Also thank you for explaining what to do if the motor is seized as was the case of mine

Big Time says:

That was perfect.

Georgia Patriot says:

Thanks man! This made the job easier. Your video is much better than the shop manual. Fixed it and now I don't have to worry about the window getting stuck down 🙂

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