Nissan Altima Starter Replacement & How to Test Starter 2.5 2007-2013

Nissan Altima Starter Replacement & How to Test Starter 2.5 2007-2013

This 2009 Nissan Altima 2.5L Automatic was towed in with a no crank no start problem. Did some quick tests on the starter wires to confirm a bad starter issue. This video will show you How To Replace and Test your Starter for a 2007-2013 2.5 Altima.
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AlexBeBeasting says:

Shit I wish I had this model. I have the 2014 and it’s not as easy to reach. So far all I’ve managed to do is lose 2 sockets and scratch up my hand. You took that thing off like nothing.

windy8449 says:

thanks for guide!!

Cord Dollar says:

Can a 07 Nissan Altima startrr fit on a 05 Nissan Altima 2.5

Matthew Sasala says:

Glad to see you can do this without taking the battery/tray and computer out. You just saved me so much time.

sincere2da says:

Thanks man, I’m saving $500, Plus I look manly when my wife sees that I fixed it lol

Eduardo J Martinez says:

This is good I think mine is going bad or maybe is my battery going bad but if it is the starter now I know

Chris Alvares says:

Thanks for this post.Though I wont do the replacement myself, at least I know what it involves.

T Schnell says:

I have a question and I'm hoping you have an answer. Im no mechanic by any means. I'm pretty sure my Nissan Altima 08 went into lockout mode. I took out the anti theft thing in the steering wheel, placed a while and am holding it down with a bolt. Before my car wouldn't even turn on, now it turns on but won't start. I then thought it was the starter, so I replaced that and my Nissan Altima 08 still will not start up. It turns on but won't start. What could it be?!?! Any help is appreciated.

Ken Kemp says:

Thank you heavenly you doing God's work must appreciated

OmaRoma says:

hi bro, thx for the video, would u recommend this car? ive found a Nissan Altima 2007 2.5 SL, but ive red a lot about the CVT transmission, everybody says is one of the worst, the car i want to buy is over 90K kIlom. thk u so much for ur time

Steve M. says:

Is it easier to take drivers side wheel and dust cover off and go in from there or do you think it’s easy enough to go in from the top. Just looks so tight even getting a multimeter onto the posts to test it.

gERARDO says:

Hello Friend. I am going to change the starter of my altima 07, I saw that you disconnected the negative pole of the battery. Is the car deprogrammed or do I have to put a memory saver obd2 on it ?. thanks

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