Let’s TEST it – Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer NISSAN Altima √ Fix it Angel

Let’s TEST it – Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer NISSAN Altima √ Fix it Angel

2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5L 4 cylinder

Thermostat Replacement https://youtu.be/IDR9te2a1Zo

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Thermostat https://goo.gl/4DnZ8M
Blue Devil Head Gasket Sealer https://goo.gl/AF7Lhf
Toyota FIPG sealant https://goo.gl/w3RFMj
Needle Nose Pliers Set https://goo.gl/6v7j15
Drain Pan https://goo.gl/HDTeY4
OTC Code Scanner https://goo.gl/n6kPv6
Radiator Pressure Tester https://goo.gl/PBAvtk
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Pry Bar Set https://goo.gl/P2afg2
3/8 Dr. Cordless ratchet https://goo.gl/3xzQqG
ScrewDriver Set https://goo.gl/PA5G7x
Pliers https://goo.gl/w7KjJj
Green Anti-freeze https://goo.gl/AvZakz

2005 Nissan Altima, coolant always has to be filled every week. blown engine head gasket. used the blue devil head gasket sealer and it sealed the gasket leak.

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DangitBobby says:

Another job well done to help someone out. Hope the fix lasts for them

pink craxy says:

I enjoy reliable Mickey mouse!

Rudy Sison says:

I wish you were in California … I like your videos

Glenn Ian Flaviano says:

Hello po idol! Are you a filipino? Cause I saw a philippine flag. Thanks

Garage Go says:

I love you

DU DANG says:

I did that before, it last about few months…

El Gato Gordo says:

Wow! I'm impressed, figure it would of been another snake oil product that fixes or cures anything. If it's approved by Angel, it's the real deal. Thanks Angel for another awesome video.

JOGO says:

Awesome job angel , thanks.

26humor26 says:

Angel, what did you expect, the parts coming off that easy. lol

Pedro Cruz says:

Very good Angel

zimarokas says:

I see It works very good Thanks for sharing

Juan Miguel Javier says:

Wtf thermostat wrong install!. So not pro mechanic!. Wow cannot believe. Fucking save thousands dollars avoid replace head gasket and a lot of labor costly! Woooooow approved it!

Chino Locko says:

Wat about the exhaust leak??

Matthew Booth says:

That Milwaukee tool is the best tool in my tool box! Saved so much time on many problems!

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