How to Replace the Spark Plugs on a 2005 Nissan Xterra

How to Replace the Spark Plugs on a 2005 Nissan Xterra

This video demonstrates how to replace all of the spark plugs on a 2005 Nissan Xterra. This includes the removal and replacement of the air intake collector.


NGK double platinum tipped spark plugs
Standard type:PLFR5A-11 : (6 pack)
Hot type:PLFR4A-11
Cold type:PLFR6A-11
Gap should be nominal – 1.1mm

Torque Specs:
Spark Plug – 18 ft-lb
Ignition coil – 64 in-lb (notice INCH pounds not FOOT)
Throttle body (if you took it off) 74 in-lb
Intake manifold collector- 8 ft-lb There is a taller bolt on the inside of the manifold that is 4 ft-lb
Vacuum tank – 14 ft-lb
Engine cover – 49 in-lb

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Hey budy i have a nissan xterra 2006 it seem and heard a noise like little wistle in one side of the manyfold so what i can do to make my xterra runs smothly??
Any advise? Please?? Thanks
(Sorry for my bad inglish)

Jesse Lee III says:

Wow never realized the work involved just to change plugs. The dealer told me it would cost 300.00 to change them.

Steve Heil says:

If your doing all this work, spend the extra $40 on the NGK plugs…


Whoa! Seems like a task cut out for a whole weekend! Glad you put it out here. Thanks

Julio Sumarriva says:

hi RY great video, do you need to do the relearn procedure as well, since the throttle body needs to be removed?
thanks in advance

exodortch says:

First, love the vids. Keep them coming.

Second, vehicle left and right is not subjective and is always based on the driver. Drivers describe what the hear or feel while driving. Mechanics diagnose issues during a test drive. Drivers side is left, passenger side is right.

GpzJeffrey says:

Awesome video, thank you much. Two nitpicks: 1) Anti seize shouldn't be used on spark plug threads anymore. They now all come zinc plated to prevent any thread galling in aluminium heads. The anti seize can also cause over tightening of the plug. 2) Also, I would absolutely replace the orange intake manifold base seals and throttle body seal. After that long and with that much heat the material gets hard and doesn't seal up like it did, and can cause an intake air leak.

Cecilia Ortega says:

Hi, is it the same process for the pathfinder??

Clark S says:

Just did this job. Didn't take off the throttle body though…Figured one less thing to do. Also, replaced the coils on that passenger side too. Unfortunately, also had to replace the passenger side valve cover too as there was oil on one of the spark plugs indicating to me a leaking spark plug gasket.

Good thing you had a video for removing the valve cover! $70 for the replacement valve cover and gasket.

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