How to replace the front bumper cover

How to replace the front bumper cover

Replacing the bumper cover is an easy job.In this video I will show you how to replace the front bumper cover on this 2009 Nissan Altima
Here are some of the tools that jimthecarguy uses

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Diego Guerrero says:

Hello, what in all are the required tools?

بوابة العلوم KhaLed says:

i did subscrib in your channel like 230 can you

Jolene Smith says:

Thanks had it changed out in 20 mins

Bull Shyte says:

HAHA that little 3 inch by 3 inch compartment when he says "there was something underneath here and we don't have it"
That is where the tow eye hooks in due to the problem there is nowhere to hook anything on the car to pull it.

jack tan says:

Splash cover should on the outside of the bumper instead inside the bumper

fabricio plaza says:

Would it be much of a difference to do a Nissan qwest 2005?? Thanks

Fii Open Minded says:

Hello Jim, nice to see so much value in your channel. My question is, do I really have to take off the wheels and set the car up in order to chage the bumper? Or I can do it at home, and don't need to take off the wheels? Thanks in ahead

Kikapoo 78 says:

Big help thanks I had to repair my front bumper on 07 versa deer jump out front of my car brought bumper off eBay .

Alyssa Dewberry says:

Is the process similar for a 2011 Nissan Altima sedan?

Patrick Messier says:

Hi Jim, as always another informative video, thanks and keep em coming,. I have a question on my E250 , I described it on the disscusions section on your youtube homepage, I know your awful busy, but mabey if you find a little time you could help me out with a little advice, Please.. OK , have a good one and ill talk to you later. Thanks

Hilton says:

Hi Jim:

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. However, the fact is that there is no other fasteners missing. I did happen to see one of your videos on front suspension and I'm guessing that there might be a couple of ball-joints that maybe the culprits. Having said this, it's a bit more complicated. I don't have the right equipment and I'm almost 70, it can get hard to get under the car. So, it's going to be the next best thing…the dealer.

Thanks again and keep-up the good work.

Thomas Tommy says:

Great video thanks for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful week

George Baron says:

You mention that the bumper flexes a lot when its off the car. Can the flexing cause the paint to crack? Another great video, Jim. Thanks!

John Able1240 says:

Jim you know how remove front bumper on a 2015 Chevy equinox v6

Hilton says:

Jim I have a 2010 Honda Accord. The vehicle has a plastic skirt under the front of the engine, it seems to be loose towards the back. When I drive the vehicle on uneven roads it makes a load noise. How do I secure this skirt , I don’t seem to see any screws missing or any plastic fasteners missing. Thank you for your help.

Robert Hoffmann says:

Who's your helper Jim

wyattoneable says:

Hi Jim. You hardly got dirty on this job. I damaged the back bumper on the Dodge Magnum some years ago and it was $600 for everything so what your customer paid was really a good price.

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