How To Replace Battery Fuse 80A On Nissan – Reversed Battery Post Mistake

How To Replace Battery Fuse 80A On Nissan – Reversed Battery Post Mistake

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This video will show you how to replace the “battery Fuse” 80A on a Nissan, common problem when the battery cables are incorrectly connected (backwards battery), this will fix the problems caused. In the video we are working on a 2000 Nissan Frontier but this will work on any Nissan in that year range

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NuManXplore says:

VERY helpful for ‘02 Xterra! Thanks!!

shutterheartVince says:

How do you physically know if that fuse is bad? My friend’s infinity qx4’s brand new alternator doesn’t charge the battery…

Luke Cowell says:

Haha with I watched this before ripping it out in pieces in my xtrail. Oh well never mind all done and replaced now

E. Fortune says:

On the late 90s Nissans this is actually more common than you’d think. It sounds crazy but someone over at Nissan thought the marking the ground cable with a stripe would be an obvious indication of which is – and which is + especially at night. Some people snatch the old batteries out and don’t pay attention to that stuff, or even bother to look and see where they lead too..

benjaminrodztv says:

Helpful bro thank you so much

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