How to repair / replace Nissan Rogue, Nissan Morano, Nissan Titan exterior door handle

How to repair / replace Nissan Rogue, Nissan Morano, Nissan Titan exterior door handle

“Star screw”= “torque screw”

Order replacement handle here:

This method probably works for other Nissan vehicles as well



T. D. says:

shame to make such a possibly helpful video and then make it almost unwatchable with the voice…..and my apologies if that was not intentional….you should reshoot this as it is a helpful piece of info

Jeffrey Mathew says:

What is the size of the actual torque screw? I am having a lot of trouble with normal screwdrivers and I would rather not strip it by accident.

Matthew Minogue says:

The screw stripped, can I just destroy the key metal thing?

Nain Perez says:

Pros, short and quick to the point. Followed your instructions to the T and it worked and I did it in less than 5 minutes. The cons are the video quality and the voice. sometimes it's hard to understand what you were saying. Maybe don't do the cartoon voice and video the example in the daylight? Just a thought

glendaleskater1 says:

I'm trying to do this with the rear driver's side handle. When I turn the "star" screw, it just seems to turn forever but it doesn't release the "cover du-dad", as you called it. Do you need to put alot of pressure on the star screw or turn it a million times to get it to release?

How easy does the Cover du-dad assembly pop out? I've tried pliers screw drivers and can't get it to pop, which tells me the screw may not have been released yet. But I've turned it counterclockwise hundreds of times. Any thoughts?

scottie 5 says:

thanks lol XD
… good thing I pulled the whole door panel off before I found this -_-

Alex Hammer says:

Emo Phillips does car repair?

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