How to Install Power Locks in Nissan Hardbody D21

How to Install Power Locks in Nissan Hardbody D21

Today we are installing power locks on Bryan’s Nissan Hardbody D21!
The power lock kit we used:
Alternate Kit to try:
Trim removal kit:

Just like we did on the Mazda, we’ve now installed power locks on the Hardbody! Check out this guide on how to add them to your Nissan. Super easy and a mod definitely worth doing!
I’m going to be showing you exactly where I placed the actuators inside the doors clearing all moving parts and glass. I also show you how to route your wiring and where I installed my central lock unit to control everything.

Some tools you will need are going to be:
Phillips screwdriver, Drill, 1/8 Drill bit, Electrical tape, Zip Ties, Blue Loctite

Check out all the mods on the hardbody here:

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Intro (0:00)
Parts in Kit (0:42)
Removing Door Panels (1:24)
Planning Actuator Location (3:09)
Drill Location (4:07)
Lock Mechanism Hardware (4:56)
Wiring Harness Trimming (5:30)
Control Box Location (7:29)
Wiring Routing (8:25)
Power & Ground Location (9:49)
Testing Lock Unit (10:41)
Review (11:21)
Final Thoughts (13:13)
Bloopers (14:45)

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whatawasteoftech says:

Link for the power lock kit on Amazon is dead now.

Terrible Art says:

Awesome Video! Looking forward to the part two when you finish wiring everything up to the lights! Also, maybe integrate a kill switch into the wiring system?

Judah Iam says:

yo where is the steering wheel from

The infamous channel says:

Can you still unlock it with the outside door locks?

Jaime Montoya says:

Were y’all from

P. O. says:

Yeah I need this for my HB. Thank you for posting this tutorial.

Jimmy Williams says:

Nice. Great job.

kroz123 says:

nice install, one quick question, where did you get the steering wheel adapter? do you have the link. I like the fitment.

Xanny says:

d21 similar to the 87 isuzu pup?

Oscar says:

Nice im thinking of that, where u guys located

Hawaii Action. says:

If you battery dies you screwed.

HiddenRoots says:

Nice video,thinking about doing this! Unlocking it manually is pissing me off lmao

Roger Diaz says:

That’s a clean installation bro awesome!!!!

Alexdinho _ says:

For the switch, we’re you referring to a kill switch?

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