How To Install Hood Struts On A Nissan Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder

How To Install Hood Struts On A Nissan Xterra/Frontier/Pathfinder

I might be a little behind on this but I finally got around to installed Hood Struts on the Xterra and I cannot believe I didn’t do this earlier. It holds you hood up higher and you don’t have to deal with the prop rod any more. Good stuff! If you want to pick up the parts you can check out the links below. This kit will work with the Xterra, Frontier, and Pathfinder.

Off Road Gorilla (the kit I used):

Check out my Amazon store for the parts I use on the channel:
Check out the Official RTCG website!
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Dansoy S says:

Unable to find the part on your amazon page, and the gorilla site doesn't let me add it to a cart. Can you please list a part number for amazon, or any part number for these lift rods. Thanks.


Much appreciated for the video. Happy Holidays

Jose Gomez says:

Have a beer, good man! haha good content, every time I need to do something on my xterra, you are the first option


Ive noticed from my experience everyone I beleive is installing the arms the wrong way, I installed them like that and the one arm on its own would not hold the hood up but if you install them the other way with bigger part on the frame and smaller part on hood one arm will hold the up on its own making it easier to install the other side

Dozer 806 says:

i would use loctite on those studs just for added confidence

James Higginbotham says:

Just installed this mod…thanks to this video.

Ethan Berry says:

I tried installing front hood struts on my 07 xterra but the metal and the screws are too soft and one of them strips so I had to forego the installation.

ThatOneDude702 says:

Just knocked this out pretty quick, referencing this video to see which way things are supposed to face. The kit I got from Z1 had some annoying pins that my fat fingers kept dropping, but otherwise easy. Took around 10 minutes including looking for a pin I lost under the truck.

Next up, rear hatch struts to replace the ones that aren't quite as strong as they should be


hello. this struts and rear door struts are same size ? if they are, i will find rear door struts from junkyard

kyndred 1971 says:

thanks for the tips ,usefull

Watkins Family Values says:

I bought a kit to put on my X. It did not fit. Someone in the forum said to " send it". Don't know what that meant so I "sent it" back. Felt defeated. What brand did you use

Mike Morgan says:

Have you done a soft drop on your tailgate per chance?

surferbum65 says:

What years would they fit on Frontiers?

CG Garage says:

Dude thanks for the video!! Definetly doing this to our xterra overlander soon.

Gregory Williams says:

Link to kit?

Oscar Revia says:

I ordered this today, I look forward to installing when it comes in.

Chris stephenson says:

Do you know if this fits a first gen xterra? 04 to be exact

Jason Bond says:

Just as an aside, this worked like a charm on my 07 Frontier LE. Thanks!

robert watford says:

like the add on for exterra

dunes 424 says:

No size of rod and no weight information to lift hood

dham99 says:

Was my first mod…do this to most of my vehicles. Its 2021, so dumb today's cars dont come with these from the manufacturer. The under-hood lights is also a no-brainer i wish manufacturers did…i mean..who needs to see under the hood lol. Another quality video by Ry! ^_^

btw…i dont think you've done exhaust yet on your X yet..but i put on an AF intake and an AFE Power cat-back exhaust within the last few weeks…these are both really good mods as they make the X sound like a whole new level (with a slight power bump to boot).

Desiree Oliva says:

What size washers did you use?

BruLew says:

I bought and installed these based on your rec and it is strangely satisfying every time I open the hood. Thanks.

JimAirborne25 says:

I loved that I did this to mine! I still had trouble on the driver side with on of the stock bolts. Had to use a self-tapper to secure it, but no worries!

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