How To Fix Nissan Murano Seat Frame

How To Fix Nissan Murano Seat Frame

In this video you’ll learn how to repair the front drivers seat frame in a 2006 Nissan Murano without removing the bottom seat cushion.

Depending on your skill level and what tools you are using, plan on a minimum of 2-3 hours to complete the job.

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marc robinson says:

I installed some leather seats and the power on the passenger side is not working how do I fix

White Cloud says:

Thanks for the video!!!

AmericaUndefeated says:

Thanks for the great directions.. successfully replaced the broken part on my own, saving $100s. Took a while, but got it done.

One more tip: unclip the small white plastic seat covers clips at the rear seat corners near the back hinges will give you more room to depress the cushion and access the two rear inside nuts.

Magdi Soliman says:

Great video, by any chance do you have the name of that replacement bracket and where can I order one?

Ferrian Salvador says:

I have the same issue, but I just chose to deal with it, since my murano is pretty old now but my seating position is killing me. I might consider replacing the seat with a used one and just use a seat cover.

Leah Taaseu says:

Oh thanks that's the problem I got in my car is a broken car seat but I'm looking for someone to fixed please can I have your shop address please so I can bring my car for you to fixed please please

shelostthelovebelow1 says:

Can a 2005- 2007 work for a 2003 Nissan Murano

EL Roly says:

I need thia on my murano 2006 S

Adam Underwood says:

Where can I get that part from as I have the same problem

Bi Tran says:

Awesome video! I have a 2005 Murano that has the same problem. It’s a travesty that Nissan doesn’t have to do a recall and fix this issue for all of us. Who can we complain to in order to make that happen. I ordered the part on Amazon made by Dorman for $80 and am now looking for a shop to did the work. How much would you say is fair for labor?

Harry van Vlijmen says:

Thanks mate, very cñear question. I have a funny question, can you tell me about how much a drivers chair of a Nissan Murano weighs. I need to ship one, but don´t have it yet. TIA

Hector Esparza says:

Muy buena explicacion

TiTaN says:

How long did it take you from removal to reinstall?

CoreNiel says:

Do you have the part number for the aftermarket part?


I need this as well on my 2006 nissan murano sl

coderMaff says:

You can save yourself a lot of time and scraped knuckles by just taking the four bolts that hold the back of the seat to the frame off and then the 12mm nuts under the seat cusion are a lot easier to get to.

Astra Freeman says:

I need this. About how much would I expect to pay for this service outside of dealership?

Gabriel Hearn says:

Hey is there a similar part for a 2013 Nissan Pathfinder my driver seat leans hard to the back left as well but that part isn’t compatible and I can’t find one…

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