How to change replace Headlight Bulbs in Nissan Rogue 2007-2013

How to change replace Headlight Bulbs in Nissan Rogue 2007-2013

Hey, In this video I would like to show you how to replace headlight bulbs in Nissan Rogue years 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013.



Raymond Jackson says:

Chords for windmills of your mind

Erline Destine says:

soooooo helpful, places were gonna charge me 80+ dollars just to change it! thank you!

drouu says:

awesome, thanks! driver's side looks kind of intimidating at first, your video shows how easy it actually is.

Sa Ross says:

I just got off the phone with a nissan dealer who has my car in Houston, tx, they wanted to charge me $230 to replace the bulb because they said they had to remove the bumper!! I told them no thanks- especially because I had already seen someone at O'Reilley's show me how to get in there to do it myself and your video just reconfirmed it. So thanks for the video!

infinite mind says:

this was very helpful, i was gonna go to auto zone to see if they could switch out the light for me

Full360soccer says:

Thanks Pal, easy to do

Zhi Wu says:

Helpful thx

DIRTDIVER882 says:

Damn, wish my ford was this easy.

Get Fucked says:

Thank you sir

M H says:

Nice video. Very well explained.

hERmAN8r55 says:

Thank you very helpful

Dimitri Keaton says:

Thank you, the video was very helpful

Larry Sherrill says:

Thank you for this video. Made it easy.

Frank Skawinski says:

Thanks, easy to do on my wife's 2012 Rogue. I still have nightmares about changing the headlight on my 08 Mazda 3 though…

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