How To Install an Amplifier and Subwoofer Into a Mitsubishi Lancer CJ

How To Install an Amplifier and Subwoofer Into a Mitsubishi Lancer CJ

How to install Subwoofer with Amplifier into a 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer CJ.
-Detailed step by step guide
-Amplifier is a Kicker 400.1 Mono Channel Amp
-Subwoofer is dual JBL 1000 WATT GT4

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Roberto Michell says:

Hola como puedo poner el rca en un radio de frabrica

Calvy Films says:

would this be the same process for a stock head unit lancer?

c4prlm4st3r says:

Damm. The carpet covering the groomet from inside. That explain why i can nnot find it. Thanks mate. Your video really helping me.

Kerwin Aqui says:

Hey how much power wire did u use??? Estimated amount if possible.

Dylan Mayhew says:

Great video, likely tomorrow I am going to drag my self outside to do this with my 08 Lancer.
Really wondering if going though the left side is best on North American models, I'll have to poke around & see for my self.
If not, its no big deal, just makes more sense to be to keep everything on the same side.

I'll be doing two wiring kits at once, one for my 4 channel Infinity Reference amp, and another one for my subwoofer & whatever amp I end up buying for it.
I'm a big fan of Harman Kardon so I'll be putting 4 Infinity Reference 6.5 in the doors.
There not going to fit, so I'll either have to make something out of wood to raise them, or cut the holes bigger or both.

Subwoofer wise, I was busy bargain hunting, so I just got my hands on a cheap "dual" brand subwoofer already in a box.
I might just end up buying an amp from the same brand….. there cheap & I would assume it would be the best pairing…..

Technically everything I got is cheap bargain hunting, only paid $100 Canadian for that 4 channel amp from an employee who took it off a display unit from a large Canadian electronics retailer that went under a few years back.
The speakers were all used, paid $40 for them all.
& the subwoofer I got $36 on eBay advertised as "refurbished" but I am pretty sure its a new item that just got returned when someone changed there mind….
Heck my double din Pioneer head unit I already installed was only listed on eBay for $86 "refurbished" & I used a eBay coupon plus my eBay "bucks"
So I paid like $55 for it.

Only thing I paid full retail for was my dash kit & wiring kits. Even then on the lower side of their pricing spectrums…

Alex Lopez says:

How many feet of power wire did you end up running to your amp?

Michelle Kelly says:

Thank you – finally a useful piece of information on how and where to run the power wire.

Brandon Dorcas says:

This is probably a silly question, but I am not super familiar with head units in new cars, but a 2017 Lancer SE factory head unit would have the RCA ports right?

Matthew Donaldson says:

hi i like your face

Paul Hanna says:

"boot" always makes me chuckle.

Hayden Coleman says:

Do you just ground it under that bolt you showed? i cant get mine out for the life of me

M4D5TYL3Z says:

Righto, this is the 2nd vid of yours I have now watched and I think I am ready to fuck up my missing bitsi lancer 2015 models electrical work (sarcasm)
-First off I would like to say nice work with the videos bro, very informative and you show how to do a professional job.
-Next is the me saying why I am thinkin about having a crack at it myself and the reason being is when I purchased my car stereo many moons ago for my BA xr6 from one of the local car stereo joints, my all alpine system being deck, 6×9 splits front and back, a 4 channel amp to run em, and then an 800 watt amp with a 2 channel to run that… All up it cost me like $2200 for all the hardware and then they said for us to install it that will be another $1600 for labor and what not. To be honest I was not that impressed with what sound it put it out and much it cost it just did not seem to be worth 3.5k of stereo when u can go and buy a UE boom fuckin bluetooth dooby lacker and that nearly sounds just as good.
– I have a question to ask b4 I go diving into this shit balls deep. I believe that if I install only one 4 channel amp of say mid range quality surely that will boost the clarity and dba rating of the factory speakers and setup would it not? or do they manufacture stereos to the point where the cheap speakers and low wattage head unit is optimised to it full potential already and pushing more power through it will just heat up the speaker cables cuz they are so cheap and nasty?
– Any sought of feed back would be good cheers. I will do abit of research anyway because I am pretty dam sure a 4 channel amp with a lil extra wattage would make the sound of the factory stereo speakers alot more crisp with abit more volume and less destortion to an extent without break the piggy bank into a thousand pieces

niclas123ful says:

I dont understand how u connect the blue wire (input to output wire) in the stereo.

Chitown Cichlids says:

Did it pound.

Hypercity says:

One of the most informative videos I've found. Great video & much appreciated.

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