Fix mitsubishi Lancer That Idles Poorly

Fix mitsubishi Lancer That Idles Poorly

Thank you Scotty:
My lancer was revving at 2000 rpm+ after degreasing the engine bay. I didn’t have the throttle cleaner spray so I used alcohol wipes, I hope that’s ok? Then used wd40 on the Idle Air Control Valve / cogs and cleaned them with wipes. Its idling perfect now but I might put some grease on the cogs?



Ejay Wilson says:

Hey buddy did you clean the iac servo? Please asap thanks

Dale Roberts says:

Cuzz, its 'mosi!!! can't get on TS, been trying for months!

C says:

you need to explain a little I can see everything you're doing but having zero sound drove me nuts. have a radio in the back round or something. other than that. good visual guide

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