Torricelli Mercury Stick Barometer – Explanation and Repair

Torricelli Mercury Stick Barometer – Explanation and Repair

In this video I repair my antique Torricelli barometer (mercury stick barometer) with air bubbles (air locks) in it. I explain how does this type of barometer work and how it was invented. This device measures atmospheric pressure and gives you a weather forecast.

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Cheese 1337 says:

i hope you will save these drawings :d 😀

Douglas Thom says:

Torricelli's face tho! Lmfao

Paul Fontaine says:

How is this device calibrated? By the amount of Hg in the system?

Paul Fontaine says:

It would be nice to see a ruler in mm next to the mm Hg scale. The Hg level in the bottom tank changes with atmospheric pressure, that must be compensated for in the mm Hg scale. So I expect both don't match.

Paul Fontaine says:

Great you shared your 3 ideas about how to remove the air with us. Lovely how the seringe affects the air bubble. It is an impressively simple and effective method.

Abhishek Kumar says:

hello sir big fan of ur videos

recently i have bought following power strip can u plse tell me if its good or dangerous

keep up the good work sir
thanks in Advance

NetrixCze says:

Cigaretový filtr jako ucpávka? Stálo by za pokus

‍1marcelfilms says:

Your drawings are very nice as always


please explain computer switch mode power supply with schematic diagram !

Killerspieler0815 says:

+DiodeGoneWild –
WARNING: even a small amount of Mercury Hg is harmful … SCUBA recommnended

Derek Todd says:

Back in the day, My mother swore by a barometer we had in the hall way for weather forecasts. We didn't have digital Oregan stuff back then.

Satriya Handha says:

1:42 wow nice human picture..

teh60 says:

Your videos are always very detailed, nice job.

Siana Gearz says:

I suppose a safe version can be made with Galinstan, its density is half a high as that of mercury, and if you mount it with the bottom to the floor, it will still fit inside living spaces.

dos gos says:

Dodgy Health & Safety!!

dos gos says:

Great cartoon!

Boonedock Journeyman says:

That was fun. Do more. It is interesting that you can speak many languages of science.

Common Mogoreanu says:

As far as I understand, the level in the tank is pretty important because the level in the column is measured relative to the level in the tank. That's how you can calibrate your unit.

Bohumil Stejskal says:

1. If you have access to a 3D printer, you could print the missing lid.
2. You probably should pour some water above the mercury, to minimise mercury evaporation. Since the density of water is much lower, it won't affect the pressure measurement significantely. The same also applies to your storage bottle with mercury.

IncandescentWithRage says:

I strongly approve of Evangelista's moustache

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