Mercury Villager/Nissa quest DIY fuel injector

Mercury Villager/Nissa quest DIY fuel injector

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Tom Jones says:

Excellent video!

dougjstl1 says:

Bottom insulator bottom

Dee J says:

Thanks for the great tutorial. I need to change one of the injectors in the back (underneath the upper intake manifold). Did you make a video for that?, or do you know where I can find a video of that process? I assume the only way is to disassemble many important components on the car to get to it. I also must splice into the wiring harness a new injector connector, since my connector is melted.

Nate Digs says:

DW – 40 …lol Great video thanks

Chris Van Tuyl says:

How do you determine what cylinder the injector is bad on a pre 96 quest that has OBD1 and not OBD2 like this one has?

louis stout says:

Thank you! You saved me a lot of money. 2001 Villager with 104,000 miles, runs great! Thanks again!

Audio says:

Outstanding job sir. 2000 Villager here. 175K and runs like a top.

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