Mercury Outboard Tachometer Install/ bass boat restoration

Mercury Outboard Tachometer Install/ bass boat restoration

How to install a tachometer and tachometer harness on a Mercury 135HP BlackMax motor.

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Kylie Factory says:

thank you so much, i helped my dad cause he doesn’t know english (he’s italian) but he said thank you this was very helpful

Howard Ochs says:

Thanks man, very helpful video!

Sheton Vue says:

There was 5 wires, where does the other 2 wires go , if no where, what are they for?

Jeff H says:

It is also a good plan to put dielectric grease on the threads just at the base of each gauge stud before the eyelet is placed on it will prevent the 3 different metals from corroding one another

Horace Lee says:

I have a Merc 150HP Black Max motor and my tach stopped working all of a sudden. I don`t believe the tach is bad I believe I accidently disconnected a wire somewhere between the dash & the engine. Is it possible you can tell me what wires to check on the engine ? when I turn the ignition switch on the tach light comes on but when the engine is running the dial on the tach doesn`t move. I am no boat engine mechanic but this seems like a sensing issue to me if it was a car engine. I just don`t know where the connection is made on a boat motor.Could you help me out on the engine wiring?

stephen davila says:

I just got my control box , wasn’t sure what was the other small plug for , thanks for helping me out .

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