How to replace the parking brake shoes 2002-2010 Ford Explorer / Mercury Mountaineer

How to replace the parking brake shoes 2002-2010 Ford Explorer / Mercury Mountaineer

In this video I will show you how to replace the parking brake shoes on a 2005 Ford Explorer.Replace the parking brake shoes using just basic hand tools.

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Tom Fontaine says:

Great video! Thank you :))

Clarence Chapman says:

You are right when you said the top spring is a pain in the #$!. I could not get it using the vise grip. Here's what i did. I pulled a small skinny punch out of the tool box. Got the first side in and then ran the punch through the other loop and then the tip of punch in the hole. I stretched it and used a screw driver to help slide the spring down the punch. It took a couple of attempts but once it got caught on the lip of the hole I used the screw driver to push it in the rest of the way. First side about 90 min and lots of cussing..Second side about 30 min..Thanks for the video.

G J says:

I slapped the wheels back on and took it to the mechanic. this job SUCKS! best $65 bucks ive ever spent.

Bill Whitis says:

wouldn't it be easier to pull the axle?

tarzan12052 says:

Great video! That wire trick saved my life!

Francisco Garcia says:

Thank you for the detailed step by step video, and the plus on using the wire for the pin.

We Are Israel Blog - Michael Didier says:

Thank you, this was very helpful!

Michael Bertoni says:

I didnt have any wire so i super glued the lower pin to a small deepwell socket.Puhed it in, held it just fine. then it was easy to break free of socket after installed. in case anyone doesnt have wire for the nightmare lower pins

Louis Schueler says:

I used a small round magnetic pickup tool to hold the difficult pin in place instead of the wire it allowed pressure on the pin instead of gripping it with needle nose

Dano Vido says:

Very nice! You have a pleasant and honest way about you! Wish you were my mechanic!

Roberto Suarez says:

Jim, in my particular case the emergency Brake shoes comes with two springs , one in the Back an one on the front, a nasty nightmare to take of and a near imposible nightmare to put in due to the Hub interfering with the rear spring,…. thinking maybe removing the rear axle to install the Shoes? any input will depply apreciated " I hapend to be working on a 98 Mountanier rear Brake shoes emergency…what a terrible design LOL

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