Why Not to Buy a Mercedes Benz

Why Not to Buy a Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz review. Why Not to Buy a Mercedes Benz, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Buying a Mercedes. Are Mercedes worth it? Buying a new Mercedes Benz. Mercedes problems. The cost of owning a Mercedes. Buying a used Mercedes. Should I buy a Mercedes. Are Mercedes cars reliable? The truth about the Mercedes. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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twitch7771 says:

You know what will cost you more than a Mercedes or a BMW?
A wife

Brandon Lofton says:

What do you think about the 2018 ford eco sport

BluesyBor says:

0:18 – unless you have a lot of REAL money, because money shown on this picture was a counterfeit. Lupin III – Castle of Cagliostro, some good memories. 😀

Rsktek says:

hey Scotty, just bought an 04 Toyota matrix awd xr, how reliable is the awd system?

Fernando Jenner says:

Rev up your money pits

luvsthose8230s says:

What does Scotty think about the Chrysler K Car?

İsmail Ahmadov says:

Hello where are you living .your accent is perfect

Magnus Thomsen says:

The title should have been named:

Why not to buy a Mercedes Benz (part 2)!

EvoEvan Nismo says:

I personally don't really want to buy a Mercedes-Benz in the first place period. Like you said Mr. Kilmer, endless money pits as they age. The reason why Mercedes-Benz and some other car manufacturers or even car models are complete money pits as they age and their resale value can be very slim to none aka garbage. This video was kind of funny LOL

Quang Doan says:

Scotty what do you think of the bmw e90?

Hristo Ganev says:

In Europe is full if mercedes Benz. It's easy to find parts and nobody driving American cars. Simple as that it's depend on which country are you living. Mercedes is great manufacturer.

adolfhilter says:

Rev up your money pits……………………

NPC-90210 MTV says:

Scott is basically a hater on everything outside of a Toyota/Lexus… Even to him a Honda is ummm ok.

lupu mihai says:

Hey scotty, Greetings from Romania!! Is it possible that a miss alignment of the wheels and the steering wheel cause an ASR code and make the breaks lock up unexpectedly? Sorry for spelling , i don't have the best englesh

Mohammed Abu-Serrieh says:

Almost 2 MILLION subscribers.. Yeeeehaaa !!!

Tom Grantham says:

Hi Scotty I am in the uk and drive a 2003 eclass e240 mine has only 36000 miles and the previous owner serviced it every 3000 miles. I only do 3 to 4000 miles a year . I also do most of my own service , brake changes etc . But I hope I never have to start putting miles on this car . If you find one like mine buy it with open eyes . I don’t drive it fast because its the sound of my money burning . Great videos Scotty .

Josh H says:

Hey Scotty, I have a 2008 Toyota Avalon with 230k miles, should the transmission fluid ever be changed? I heard from the Toyota dealership that it is lifetime fluid.

Sayantan Basu says:

"EVERYTHING is made like garbage these days" – Scotty Kilmer(2019)

oxysz says:

Ran my w205 2015 c class fully loaded put 76k miles already and have had zero problems other than rear tires wearing fast cuz I don’t have all wheel drive

International House of Pancakes says:

Hmm, very sexually satisfying

Musheer Batayneh says:

Buying mercedes is better than the garbage Corolla which you keep promoting people to buy it. Mercedes is reliable if you maintain it as well. The reason so many people think that mercedes is unreliable because most of consumers are lazy And they want a car that only needs a fuel !!!. And safe and high quality. Mercedes is the king of sedans.

cameron cyr says:

scotty i got a 2001 v6 5 speed Mustang that revs up until i stop with the clutch in what could that be

A Physics Professor says:

No, don't buy a 3-pointed S…..

Mario Ruiz says:

Hey @ScottyKilmer !! My 07 V6 Honda Accord has very black transmission oil when I check it. What should I do?

asdf ghjk says:

Man of the people.

TheStevenWearsPrada says:

Scotty are AMG's built any different for Mercedes Benz?

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