Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes

Watch This Before Buying a Mercedes, DIY and car repair with Scotty Kilmer. Mercedes Benz car review. Worst luxury car to buy. Buying a new Mercedes. Buying a used Mercedes. Should I buy a Mercedes. Why Mercedes are hard to work on. Why not to buy a Mercedes. The truth about owning a Mercedes. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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r s says:

I used to have e class 2010, drove till 114000 mileage and there weren't any issues, 0 check engine, 0 service

gedaman says:

The build quality of Mercedes-Benz made in Tuscaloosa, Alabama is dubious. The first generation M-Class from the late ‘90s had rollover issues frequently. Currently they build their SUVs and the C-Class there. It’s better to buy an E-Class or S-Class made in Germany.

detailing center says:

That's a CLS500 . 550 has a computer on top of the intake. Something it's wrong with the trunk badge. By the way that v8 in my opinion it's one of the best v8 s ever made in reliability therms. The same I can say about the transmission 722.6 5 speed automatic.
For the rest, it's cls it's nice design , poor quality in the plastics and letter.
With all the respect but you keep showing that old Toyota , which is a great car in therms of reliability. You still keep that because the newer ones are the same as this Mercedes . Modules, electronics, cheap quality overall.
Somebody it's counting money in these companies, and they want more and more every year.
Mercedes it's still a great car company , one of the greatest in my opinion. Ritch people don't want old cars , poor people they want them but can't afford to fix them .

Far K says:

I own 2 Mercedes. How do I contact you? Do you have an email? I absolutely love your videos.

Kurt MacFarlane says:

I'm a Mercedes Benz Technician and they are easy to fix after a wreck if you replace what you are supposed to and don't try and scam your insurance company by pocketing cash.

Hairy Garry says:

70 Year Old Conan O'Brien

bee Lover says:

Mercedes buy new one every year,Break My Wallet,BMW.

Carlos Garcia says:

Your titles are always negative it gets annoying

slicaltimistical1 says:

Yep. Made in U.S.A, Alabama for example. Endless money pit.

Nologo Webster says:

It's true never never ever buy a mercedes worst motoring decision I ever made, selling it was the best motoring decision I ever made. Even if someone were to give me one for free I'd still say no thanks!

David Debruyne says:

Why is there a pic of the cl55 and then you talk about an cls350

Blagoj A says:

Nice vid scotty, as a bmw fan I would really like to see a video like this about BMW’s, i have had 3 of them so far and all of them i enjoyed a lot, havent had problems and maintainance was not a pain in the a*s. I would like to know your opinion as the guy who fixes them

Rafael S says:

With expensive cars is like with beautiful woman. I just like to look at them but own some is so expensive and complicated. 🙂

ka mar says:

Scotty is the type to call turbo and superchargers gimmik

Triarii Cat says:

I live near a Mercedes plant in Alabama, I know some sorry fucks that work there

Olatunde Aboaba says:

I think generally most modern cars, especially German cars are over engineered with electronic systems, aside the Mercedes Benz, brands like BMW also use a lot of tech. Even Volvo has a lot of electronics in them.

Q. Lawrence says:

I own one. This man speaks the truth.

Uptown_ Living says:

Is a status car if yu got the money then not a problem

Quinn Hall says:

As Scotty says “ when I was a young mechanic “ anywho , in the late nineties when I was a younger tech I was told that the Deville I was working on at the time had more computers and tech than the first shuttle .

SuperStevejack says:

Love this guy, its like he drinks ten cans of beer and then makes a video, Great content

Bogdan Catalin Avram says:

Instead Mercedes, buy a car that Scotty knows how to fix! (Celica '95)

Ivan Angelov says:

Why ppl are subscibing to this guy he is talkn` nonsence!

Hessig says:

Yesyes we get it your celica is a good car

Konsta says:

I have owned 2 Mercedes and had no problems and my current one isn't a money pit at all. Also it's more economical with fuel and incurance than my coworkers few years older volvo.

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