The Mercedes Fuel Leak

The Mercedes Fuel Leak

This Mercedes came in because the customer had been noticing a fuel smell, mostly inside the car. The first thing we did was pull the access panel and check for leaks. Once we got the panel off, I noticed a puddle of fuel, so we turned the key on and found the leak immediately. The pump housing has a crack, causing it to leak on the access panel. He’s gonna need a new fuel pump. Sadly, there’s no way to seal it back up and be sure it will last since it’s plastic.

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@Rick-bc8lt says:

Hopefully this fuel pump doesnt have to be programed to the ECM

@Joahservice says:

One ember and it’s over smh

@micahrobinson530 says:

There was a recall

@CaptNemo_ says:

I know what’s wrong with it. It got no gas in it lol

@Anonymous8317 says:

At least it’s a vehicle with an access port for the fuel pump. It makes it much easier to fix or replace/upgrade.

@goreobsessed2308 says:

I really whish theyed make pumps metal again

@vandogg14 says:

Nah im scared lol

@Gun_Nut361 says:

Your in Texas where at?

@zezoxsax5949 says:

don't use a Flashlight near a Gasoline Fuel it's dangerous

@yardieforlife5189 says:

Easy fix to a trip to Home Depot!

@your_mamas_name says:

Easy fuel pump job, nice!!!

@renderedtoxic5403 says:

Poor quality for such a high costing vehicle. Do you're research ppl when buying unless you enjoy throwing money away

@Wigwhom86 says:

Grab a sharp pick and some jb water weld. It’ll be good as new

@Janfey says:

That part on my toyota is metal

@johnkelly7748 says:

Pump must of been working overtime. Im surprised they didnt feel a reduction in power from lack of fuel pressure

@jimmybly2630 says:

Those pump jobs are a breeeze. Love those gravy jobs.

@Robert-jx8nr says:

Badass mechanic


My sibling is having a similar problem of the smell of gas in their car, probably the same issue as well.

How would u fix this exactly, just curious

@chrisdoem4107 says:

Typical Mercedes! Pieces of trash

@Marcusblack510 says:

Dam man foreign cars never are something else smh

@TheTerribleGamer1 says:

Ouch that's $700 sir thank you very much at least for a new one

@MisterMachete says:

That’s literally what happened to my older brother’s Mercedes same year and model it must be a factory mistake for that year

@gabe4449 says:

Is that why the backseat of my dodge neon smelled like gas before I junked it

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