Mercedes-Benz LED DYNAMIC TURN SIGNAL DIY Install (Sequential LED W204 W212 W176)

Mercedes-Benz LED DYNAMIC TURN SIGNAL DIY Install (Sequential LED W204 W212 W176)

Today we are installing dynamic turn signal led’s in my w204! Its a very easy DIY and anyone can do it! Here I take the steps one by one to make it clear and simple. Thank you for watching, and consider liking the video and subscribing. Stay tuned for more!



Pete Stubbs says:

Thank you very much for this video. All the others talk about removing the glass which I was dreading, so I thought I would try this one first and it worked really well as for the video. It was one of those jobs that I was avoiding because I thought it would be a nightmare and it was really simple. I can't thank you enough.

Canada House Buyers says:

You mind sharing specs on wheel setup

Леонардинио Джихангиров says:


hugopic says:

I installed them too, butt now I get regular the message it doessnt work butt i checked and they do work? Did i buy the fake version?

Ƭяσcιту says:

A e shet benzin o shqipe 🙂

William mcloughlin says:

Are they after market mirrors ?? Or did you take them of a newer shape w204 i have a w204 2008 and my mirrors was the big old style bulb ones but i recently upgraded to aftermarket led ones but now i want to put sequence ones in but my mirrors are aftermarket any help would be appreciated!

dominitory says:

Where did you get that splitter from??

galaicoru says:

Wheels in 19"?

The DevRo says:

Do you have a LINK for the Dynamic LIGHTS to buy it ?

Chris Busch says:

Thanks for the video. I just got a pair of these for my 2011 C300 (W204) Sport from eBay. Unfortunately they didn't work. These came from China so who knows why they didn't function. I tried installing LED bulbs previously in the tail lights and they threw up errors becasue they don't draw enough power for the ECU to recognise them. This may have been the issue with the dynamic turn signals as they didn't power on and gave me errors as well. The 2011 C300 just doesn't seem to like any exterior lights that aren't OEM.

Jawi Sujawi says:

Very clear presentation, thanks

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