MERCEDES BENZ G WAGON ! starter replacement DIY W463

MERCEDES BENZ G WAGON ! starter replacement DIY W463

Does your Mercedes G wagon have a starter issue? Changing the starter on a G wagon is very doable for the DIY mechanic. The tools you need are a basic Torx socket set and ratchets. I used my multi socket set to get the job done. My friend took this truck to several mechanics and even the dealer to figure out what was wrong. After changing the battery last year and still dealing with the same issue. He brought the truck to me. After some quick research. I found that many G550 Mercedes have bad starters. Replacing the starter solved the problem. Maybe it will also solve yours! Good luck!

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John Gabbard says:

Thanks for this video. It was helpful. Anyone who owns a G Wagon needs to know how to change out the window regulator because it is only a matter of time before it breaks. The cable spool is poorly made. I think I’ve had to change out 5 or 6 in two trucks over the past 15 years. A couple recommendations for everyone: 1) label the wires and connection points (1,2,3,4,5) with a piece of tape when you disconnect them. My recent spool break occurred on a Saturday afternoon. I couldn’t order the parts until Monday and didn’t get them until Wednesday afternoon. A long time to remember which wire connects where. 2) The zip ties would not fit so I braided some wires and tightened with a dowel rod to secure the window until the parts arrived. 3) Order 12 door card clips when you order the window regulator. They are going to break when you pry the card off and the rear doors need 12. Make sure all 12 holes are clear or you will get to be frustrated when you are juggling the door with one hand to protect the wiring and the card will not seat 4) Place a piece of tape on the handle side of the door direct behind the clips. It makes it easier to line up the clips and holes at the top of the door and shows you where to press at the bottom and sides to ensure it is seated properly. 5) For my 2015 I needed to a T25 to remove the screws not a T30. Don’t try to remove them with a flathead or a hex! Thanks again!

Surplus Bargains says:

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The Cav says:

How did it go with the stolen G Wagon, do you have a video of the new one you purchased?

Seun Bello says:

where is the starter located? Did you have to elevate the vehicle to get to the starter?

ThirstenUngerTV says:

Great job!!

Ali Alrashidi says:

Great as always

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