Mercedes-Benz E300 (2017) – New Battery Install

Mercedes-Benz E300 (2017) – New Battery Install

Learn how to install a new battery in a Mercedes-Benz E300. We’ll show you how to replace/change/remove with simple tips and tricks to help get you started!

Tool List: 10mm wrench, T45 torx

The 12 volt battery in this 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 is located in the engine compartment. Although this video may provide you with the basic procedures, we recommend that you check with the vehicle manufacture’s step by step procedures found in service/repair manuals for the vehicle you are working on.

The use of a memory saving procedure will keep the vehicle’s computers memory’s alive during the battery replacement procedure. Referring to our Memory Saving video will provide you with various memory saving procedures that can be used according to vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

Some late model vehicles must have the 12 volt battery registered with the vehicle’s Battery Control Module or Computer after replacement. See these videos on Battery registration and coding for more details on the procedures at &

Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with or near batteries.



LeGeNDaRio23 says:

Only OEM battery recommended ?

DesertRaven365 says:

Great idea to use a surrogate battery to keep power to the electrical systems! One thing you didn't mention is the battery has two venting holes, you connected the venting tube to negative terminal (left hand drive car), did you remove the vent plug from the positive terminal or leave it inserted? My original factory installed Mercedes battery still has the vent plug inserted in the positive terminal side.

سبحان الله says:

جميل هداك الله لدينه

tiada nama says:

Best battery replacement vid I’ve ever came across

Mansoor Al-Gharibi says:

Thank you for your informative video. I want to ask you about a problem we are having in E300 (W213) 2018. The parking pilot and hold function sometimes work and sometimes not. We changed both the auxiliary battery and main battery and after the changes they work but in the next day the problem comes back. The dealership was of no help. They had the car for around 10 days and cost around $800 and they are not sure of the cause!

조병호 says:

잘 봤습니다^^
grand father 고맙습니다!

Bassem Zaky says:

Whats battery ampere suitable for E300 1991

ib bayramv says:

Thanks for the video!!! very accurate and everything done step by step.

I would like to know, in w213 (the car you posted a video about), do we have only one battery? or 2 (AGM). if 2, where can I find it? where it is located? Thanks in advance.


I have a question.
The e300e / e350 /e300de electric flap latch is broken, can I only repair that part? I would appreciate it if you let me know the part number.

The kustom Knight says:

I always use a guard cover and always only loosen the clamp it is on a slider it will up over enough to take battery out in if not good luck trying to refit it . Got to remove the tray and then start the clamp thread again I use a 13mm

Dionisis Irantos says:

Thanks for the video. Do we have any information about battery registration??

Heinz Heinze says:

Thanks for posting the video!
This works without any battery registration procedure?

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