Mercedes Benz / Bosch SBC Pump Rebuild (Brush Replacement) pt. 1

Mercedes Benz / Bosch SBC Pump Rebuild (Brush Replacement) pt. 1

Disassemble and replacement of the motor brushes on a Mercedes Benz / Bosch SBC Pump
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PrimalMiltos says:

Can you help me identify my SBC issue? I get a code "C217A Check power supply of component valve relay." My scan tool shows that "054 Power supply valve relay" is sometimes at 5.6V and sometimes at 12V when it works OK. At the connector plug all the voltages are 12-13V with engine running. By the way the unit is only 3 years and 5000 miles old. I doubt that it needs brushes already.

erictold says:

What was the part number of the SBC motor(older & newer). I'm curious when MB changed the size of the brush.

Kevin Beckner says:

Where can I purchase the brushes and what sizes and specs? TIA

TheGamch says:

What was wrong with that brush you cut out? It still had lots of meat on it.

Youakha Youakha says:

Brake service! visit workshop!
I have raplaced brake switch, wear sensors..pads, rotors..
When scan the sbc for DTC, the warning goes away and car is on. But when start the car again, the warning comes on, so any idea??
Or do i have to replace the SBC.
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Marius Simonot says:

This is awesome, so that is all it took to get the brakes working again for this massive design flaw? I am thinking of purchasing a 2004 E320, however was scared away by the SBC issue.

Colin Aglae says:

Great & informative video!! can we also see one with you removing from the engine, also removing the ABS/ESP, control module from the ABS pump!!

Armando Antunes says:

muito obrigado pelo tempo dispensado muito importante para a classe

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