How to replace front suspension arm / front control arm on MERCEDES-BENZ E (W210) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front suspension arm / front control arm on MERCEDES-BENZ E (W210) [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

How to replace front suspension arm / front control arm on MERCEDES-BENZ E (W210) 4.2 Saloon 06.1995–08.2003 [TUTORIAL AUTODOC]

Suspension arm on MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class T-modell (S210) (06.1996–03.2003) / MERCEDES-BENZ E-Class Saloon ((W210)) (06.1995–03.2002) cars should be replaced, as a rule, according to one and the same procedure.
However, there can be slight differences due to specific features of the vehicle design.

🔝 Top brands that produce suspension arm: RIDEX; STARK; FEBI BILSTEIN; TRW; A.B.S.

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Suspension arm:
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LIQUI MOLY Chain Spray:
WD-40 Grease Spray:

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🛠️The tools you need to replace front suspension arm:
– wire brush
– WD-40 spray
– copper grease
– Torx bit T50
– drive socket No.10
– drive socket No.16
– combination spanner No.16
– combination spanner No.22
– wheel impact socket №17
– ratchet wrench
– torque wrench
– crow bar
– tap wrench
– pin punch
– rubber mallet
– strut spring compressor
– ball joint remover
– hydraulic transmission jack
– wheel chock

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MrBugsier5 says:

inportant information on this video!!!!, Mark the positions of the 2 washers and bolts when connecting to the frame! this alighn the wheel positions!! (you can check the original positions by the indent marks on the frame) (washer position)

Troy Davis says:

Good video. However, the music doesn't fit and is distracting.

JahinIinI says:

Video is good. Music is terrible.

Lorenzo Beckmann says:

revert to the old music and shut up

Ndokari Aboki says:

Hi! Thanks for the videos, they are very helpful for DIYers with little to no idea like me. Is this vehicle a 4matic? I have a 2001 E430 4matic. Thanks

Knut says:

on my w210 e230 my front,right,Lower control arm cracked and needs replacing, is there anything important that i need to know besides: preload suspension (10-15cm),and torque spec's when tightening?
and should anything be replaced during this procedure(nuts, bolt's, reapply loctite, etc)

im new to control arm replacement so any help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Wolfenstein says:

Great quality, I'm impressed! As a note I wouldn't spray WD-40 on rubber bushings and ball joint boots because it's petroleum based and not good for rubber. Also these wheels do not look good on the w210 IMHO 🙂

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