How to install aux cord in Mercedes Benz C class.

How to install aux cord in Mercedes Benz C class.

I saved money by doing this at home ordering the part from Mercedes in my 05 C40. It’s so easy anyone can do it. Part #A2104405005 just search it online.



Kadir Yeşiltaş says:

Does it work on a c200 2006 sport edition because I couldn’t find the cable

Dylan Newman says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was about to spend around $300 on a new bluetooth stereo until I watched this, thank you so much for saving me the time and money! The funny thing is that I already had the wire you purchased in the car because the previous owner bought it but I had no idea what it was lol!

Kristaps Haa says:

Would it fit my 2006, Kompressor c180 ?

Asia says:

How do I pop out the little plastic piece to put in the aux???

ramez alaraj says:

Can you change the song from the steering wheel?

Jimmy King says:

Did all that bs and still won't work. I only touched that wire. Now my fucking satellite radio won't work

Survivor2015 says:

Hey guys can you help? Having trouble with the most simple step..removing the plastic interior door trim piece to pull back the carpet. I am tugging on it but it doesn’t want to come off. It feels its going to crack if I pry any harder. Is there a clip on the underside or something? My question is did you pull straight up or inward? or inward & up? Thank you!

jcbx77 says:

does anyone know if this is possible in the 2001 c320? it was the first year the w203 was made.

Marissa Wells says:

Will this work for a 1999 c280? I’m not tryna tear the car up if it’s not gonna work

Mohammad Hassanshalaby says:

Is that the same way a bluetooth module can be connected?

loco por amor says:

Someone has an idea if this works on. 2002 Mercedes-Benz c320 sedan ?? Please Someone to help me with my question.

Isai Herrera says:

I bought the part for a mercedes c350 2006 but once i put the cdc it only says no magazine any suggestions ?

peter piper says:

good video .i just checked my C55 Amg 2006 it,s already fitted cheers

loco por amor says:

I have 2002 Mercedes-Benz C320 ..
Does anyone have an idea if this car brings that connection?

Javier Nichols says:

How u doing brother.Does this work for 08 CLS550?

Baqer Khazaal says:

Is it available on 2002 c320?

Adrian Mechelle says:

Just got a 2005 C240 but audio 20 code 535. Went to order the part and said it isn't compatible with my car. Please advise. thanks!

el haddioui amine says:

Good evening thank you for these tips, I want to ask you how can I operate a usb in the mercedes 2006 C220 Cdi

Leon Dreamcast says:

Is this compatible with 2003 E320

Ismet Can Palta Çekic says:

Where did you buy the cable

Voided _ says:

Does it work with 2007 c230?

Chase Kalacanic says:

Thank you! Turns out the previous owner installed it because I went to check if I had the cable and it was already there!! I’m shocked

Christopher Blair says:

Very good video bro but why Mercedes Benz had to be like that, the entertainment package is really a big deal for many persons including myself. I really don't like driving without music, so why don't have to go through so much stress just to enjoy our favorite music in our favorite model car?

ANANT Vats says:

Is this gonna work on 2010 w204 c250

Anil Ozcelik says:

Is this going to work for my 2007 C230 guys?

Kevin Espinoza says:

Do you know how to connect your phone with the radio

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