How to fix P0025 / P0022 / P2006 codes on a Mercedes Benz

How to fix P0025 / P0022 / P2006 codes on a Mercedes Benz


Pat Maundrell says:

I enjoyed your video, good info! However, I am concerned about the other set of "Internal Baffles." I believe my 2010 ML 350 (104,000 miles) has the same condition. I've seen another Youtube video, which showed them splitting the Intake Manifold in two, top/bottom. This revealed both sets of Internal Baffles. All the baffles looked ok, but the guy said he was going to Overhaul the Manifold by replacing all the Internal Baffles, assuming the parts are available.. The downsize of course, is if the Baffles break they go into the engine causing heavy secondary damage. Have you ever seen this happen, my mechanic says he has?

jagvette1 says:

OK I have a P2006 (right bank) and need to replace the parts you did, where do I get them?, thanks

Jeremy Witt says:

Just subscribed, great video! Got a P2006 on my '07 C350 sport. It's had this code for a while and I didn't really understand what it was, but was pending, so ignored it for the last 10k miles.
I let my wife drive the car today and of course it died. She said it died while driving down the road. Could the intake manifold actuator being closed or breaking have caused this? It's the only code being given.
The car seems like it wants to start but won't. Any advice greatly appreciated!


Great video. My 2005 c230 stayed for 6 months without driven in the garage(I travelled out of the country) . I replaced the battery it started.. drove for about 5 minutes and it stopped, steering wheel locked. The car starts but dies after a minute or so. Took it to the Dealership they ran a diagnostic test but couldn't find anything major wrong with the car but the "Cam" was inconclusive. Dealership says it will cost me $900 for a tech to check if Cam is faulty. I need your recommendations pls. Thanks.

James Bond says:

Nicely done!!!

Abather Zidan says:

Hay bro I have Mercedes e280 2007 with p2006 , p0021a , p0011a , p0300 , p2187 , p2189 . Can you help me please I smell patrol from the exhaust and the car has no power. Thank you very much

El Hussien Saad says:

I have a 2007 Mercedes c280 and I keep getting a p0022 code what is that for exactly

jubiko lomidze says:

P2004 CODE ?

Zachary Martin says:

Literally just got this code last week all of a sudden and at the same time i am getting cylinder 1 misfires. c280 Here with 118k miles. I went ahead and replaced all the spark plugs. I had camshaft sensor codes for a long time (3 of them were either too fast or running retarded). I went ahead and replaced all my camshaft sensors as well. Im still having the p2006 code as well as cylinder 1 misfires and sometimes a cylinder 4 misfire. Can the intake manifold cause cylinders to misfire? Im pulling the ignition coils are swapping them to see if i can get the code to jump to a different cylinder. The check engine light is flashing for like 5-10 seconds on start up and it stays solid if you leave the car running for a while.

Whats your recommendation, ive done everything my self so far and im willing to do the intake manifold my self if need be. Dealership is really last option.

N V says:

The reason the diaphragm rods and center pivot are plastic is to purposely create a weak link if the intake tumble flaps jam. Better to snap that link than risk breaking one of those flaps inside the intake. Parts can end up inside the cylinder head. You need to also check the pvc oil separator on the back of the passenger cylinder head. At that mileage it's probably failing and allowing oil to be drawn into the intake thru the throttle body. This oil cokes on the tumble flaps and can cause failure.
Personally, at 185k miles I would replace the entire intake. About $600 to buy a complete Pierburg unit which is oem. Replace intake gaskets whenever the intake is pulled or replaced.

Omar Romero says:

Hello, i have a Clk350 and i dont have a check engine light, but when i scan the vehicle the only code that comes up is P2006 and when i erase it comes back, i checked the plastic runners and nothing looks broken and works fine, the car runs good without any hesitation but do you think its the sensor that is malfunctioning and giving me the code, thanks

earlyearth ecology says:

Great video, I have same engine, same issue. Did you get all the parts from partsgeek ?

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