How to fix Mercedes Seat Adjustment Problem? Merc Seat Repair Atlanta

How to fix Mercedes Seat Adjustment Problem? Merc Seat Repair Atlanta

Mercedes Benz Techs in Atlanta Georgia offers Mercedes car seat repair services. No matter what is the problem with the seat, whether it is an adjustment issue or an alignment, a broken angle or torn leather seat, we welcome you because we have the fix related to seat issues.
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naman namany says:

Great Video , Can you hep us with the name or part number of that bracket and the location we may buy it. Thanks

Jeremy Gleiberman says:

Question: Got a '08 CL65 AMG with Multi Contour/Dynamic seats… the problem I have is the passenger side shoulder lumber is stuck in the most inflated mode and it will not deflate. Any idea how to fix this problem?

Roger Leadbeter says:

Pelican sells this bracket

Recovering Hockey Dad says:

Do you have a part name and number for this? Having a hard time finding this part online.

Dave Coggins says:

Mercedes should warranty that garbage for free since most people overpay 10x's for junk engineering from Mercedes.

Manuel Uribe says:

you don't know where you may ask to find this? I just cant find online through google or ebay ect.. sites be great if can find part number or name of manufacture thanks

Essam Allawi says:

I got the exact same problem with my W211 E class would this work?

Randall Tan says:

Where do I purchase that part from? Thanks for the video in advance!

Joey F says:

also, work on the audio portion of your videos. more often then not, it sounds like you're kool-guyin' the recorder. one minute hear you fine, next minute sounds like you walked away from the device. great vids anyhow. love watching your stuff. thanks for posting them.

Joey F says:

Another way to avoid bending the mount is to use the presets and make adjustments prior to sitting on the seat. these frames and motors are not designed to move a 300 lb person.

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