Mazda CX-5 LED Interior How To Install – 2013-Present

Mazda CX-5 LED Interior How To Install – 2013-Present

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Compatible with all 1st Generation Mazda CX-5
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

The LEDs and tools used in this tutorial can be purchased at

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SupaMario0011 says:

THANK YOU! fantastic explication! and great products! thank you!

Asid Mohammad says:

Please let us know some of the differences between the standard vs. Premium package. Thx.

jennifer101282 says:

The lights that you installed on this video are they the 6000k or the 8000k LED's?

Kyle Anderson says:

Does anyone know if the bulb sizes and types stayed the same with the facelift for 2017? Can't find any information anywhere on replacement bulbs for the 2017. :/

Tech Defender says:

Are all these compatible with the facelift 2017 model?

bongs kee says:

Thank you for this video helps a lot

sandeep narayan says:

Hey can you please do one for 2016 mazda 2 maxx sedan

laban carter says:

anything for the 2014 CX-9?

Conrad Know-How says:

Very cool. Are they dimmable?

Quoc Nguyen says:

Whats the difference from standard and premium package?

Joe Shin says:

Do you have a video showing how to install an hid/led foglight kit for a 2016 cx-5 with a power relay harness?

Rob Young says:

Hi! I previously had an issue in my Mazda with an LED shorting out my dome light and blowing the fuse. (different brand festoon bulbs.)

Have you had any issues with customers doing that with your LEDs?

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