Mazda CX-5 | How to Change a Flat Tire and Install the Spare Tire

Mazda CX-5 | How to Change a Flat Tire and Install the Spare Tire

Flat tires and blow-outs happen. So it’s important to know how to change the flat tire with the temporary spare included with all Mazda CX-5 vehicles. Fortunately you don’t have to change it yourself all the time because the CX-5 has roadside assistance for the first 3 years or 36,000 miles. However, if that warranty has expired or you have limited communication and access to phone, you may need to change the tire yourself.

Mazda Roadside Assistance – 800-866-1998

Mazda has made it real easy to access the tire tools and jack, and has set up some safety precautions when using the jack to prevent mishaps.


I wish you all happy, fun, and safe travels. I hope this helps you get back on the road with your Mazda.

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Shawnar Ahmed says:

Is it the same process for the Mazda CX-9?

B A says:

Is it different with CX-3? can’t find the true tool

Vlad Itu says:

Dimension Spare Tire ??

Tim question says:

Mazda owner here, Glad Mazda has no CVT transmissions and they still provide a spare tire in their vehicles!

babysam77 says:

The spare tire should never be mounted on the front…….

Kenneth says:

I think if a front tire is flat, you have to move a rear tire to the front, and put the spare on the rear. That is because the majority of the power, even for the AWD, is from the front tires.

John Turowski says:

Some helpful advice: if you need to install the spare yourself, you will need a cheater bar to loosen the lugnuts on the flat tire. Trust me, those things are tight, torqued to about 100 lb-ft, and you will need all the strength you have to loosen them. For the cheater bar, I use a length of pipe about a foot long, with an inner diameter just a bit larger than the lug wrench handle. Just slip it over the handle and you'll have a lot more torque! Also, I carry a set of folding wheel chocks to keep the car from rolling while it's elevated. This really helps if the road isn't perfectly level. And finally, always carry a pair of gloves in the trunk to protect your hands during this sometimes messy procedure. Happy motoring!

Arnold Guisa says:

Hey dude. I got an idea. How bout we meet up first dude.

Ratty4ragu says:

Great video, but I won’t ever have replace my tire because Mazda’s are amazing

judie manard says:

Is that the same with 2019s?

登輝與阿扁的愛情故事 says:

Hey john, got a dumb question for you, can I add premium package after buying the vehicle, and I know the price for GT is around $1600 does it keep same price? leather seat is hot ashell in the summer driving , really wanna get ventilate seat.

Aaron Corres says:

appreciate the idea of this video

Arthur Gadz says:

Helpful video actually.. I wish you showed a complete intallation of the spare tire..

jkk244 says:

Great idea for a video. No excuse for sitting helplessly on the side of the road with a flat tire! Put the spare on. It’s simple to do.

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