Mazda CX 5 CX 3 How to replace Fuel filter strainer & Oil Catch can update. Mazda 3 Mazda 6 Mazda 2

Mazda CX 5 CX 3 How to replace Fuel filter strainer & Oil Catch can update. Mazda 3 Mazda 6 Mazda 2

Hi guys hope yall doing well. In this video i am updating you guys with the oil catch result after about 5000kms of driving. It shows that the oil catch can did a great job on catching the excessive oil vapors within the engine intake manifold. This car is 2013 and had done about 45000kms.

After that i did replace the fuel filter strainer located within the fuel pump sender unit. This vehicle and other gasoline Mazda Skyactiv uses internal filter strainer as the fuel filter. See the result on the video. I hope this demonstration video can guide you and all Mazda owners to do this DIY service.

After the service the car will feels like a brand new car again. ✌️

Mazda OE Part number PE01-13-ZE1

Please do it at your own risk, i will not held any responsibilities of any damage done to the vehicle. Or else you can bring it to the professional .

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OG Kev says:

Where can I get it to buy online

Rahman Chaniago says:

Biasanya sih kalo fuel filter yang didalam kita ganti sama rotaknya juga, mungkin karena program warranty

Rahman Chaniago says:

Bekas Mekanik Bengkel Mazda mana bang?

Lori Waters says:

You have a lot of patience

Peter FNLU92 says:

You got to love japanese engineering, there are some vehicles where you have too lower the whole tank to replace fuel pump

Ian Taylor says:

I'm so confused why oil comes out of the pcv valve? Is there an underlying issue that causes this? Or is this just a symptom of acceptable levels of blow by?


Amigo yo sé que no va con este vídeo pero necesito hacerte una pregunta ¿Podrías decirme cuántos sensores de oxígeno tiene el Mazda cx-3 o cx-5, o cuántos sensores en total tiene? Y realizar vídeos del mantenimiento de los sensores porfavor podrías?


amigo otra pregunta este mazda cx-5 cuantos filtros de combustible tiene?¿el mazda cx-3 cuantos filtros de combustible trae? me dijieron que trae uno por debajo es verdad o no?

Aditya Dot says:

Done mine this morning. Thank you bro.

Christian J says:

The fuel pump looks so complex.. great video!

Filipos says:

Excellent video keep up the great work. What type of oil catch can did you use please send the link. Thanks.

Scooter Woodley says:

Love the Mazda videos! Great job!

Filbert Norma says:

Thanks for the vid Felix. Been waiting for this tutorial. But it seems like it might be a tad too much for my skill lol

Steve says:

What type of oil do you use?

DJ Intence says:

Over the spring I'm going to do oil catch can on mine, replace the value cover gasket, and change the fuel filter..when it gets a lil warming. North America, USA, New York. Thanks for all your videos. Very very helpful. Also during summer/fall a transmission filter replacement.

Me Myself says:

Interesting video Felix. What a stupid design though for Mazda to place a serviceable item as part of the pump. Thankfully though, us in North America do not really have that concern that early if we visit quality pumps that maintain their equipment well.

Motheo Lebelo says:

Always enjoy and love your maintenance videos.
Very informative and detailed.

Thumbs up

David Chin says:

why your fuel is blue?

George Paniagua says:

Great video! Thank you for sharing. I also installed a catch can on my CX9. I installed it during the last oil change at 3k miles. I’ll be changing the oil today and report out my findings as well.

Amnon says:

Hello bro, thank you so much for new and helpfull video ! Likes your video!!! please make more 🙂
Two questions :
1. If i remmember correctly, you installed this catch can arround 42000km and after like 3000km this small amount of oil its catch? I ask you because in my car (cx5, 2.5 , 38000km) its catch same amount oil after like 500-800 km 🙁 something wrong with my car ?
2. Where is the fuel filter itself 🙂 lol ….. ? i know that usually this white pad comes before fuel filter

Zsolt Köhler says:

Why the filter plastic house got brown? What is in the gasoline? Mine was still white after 135k km. Btw, there is an inner filter also around the pump. I have changed the whole unit altogether.

Ian Vives says:

Nice one bro!!! How many km odometer reading do you change your fuel filter strainer on your cx5?

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