Mazda Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

Mazda Clutch Master Cylinder Replacement

An instructional video on how to replace a church master cylinder in a Mazda speed 3



Madaz Mps3 says:

I’m having trouble getting both back in together any idea to help as I don’t want to disconnect the steering wheel shaft

Gabriel Deschênes says:

How did you pulled out the firts 2 line at the beginning ? Cant figured it out 🙁

james w says:

How the heck do you have such a clear view of the 2nd nut. I have that blue sensor very close and the foot rest bump is there and it tuck way around the corner

Jeff Hewitt says:

Thanks very much! Followed the steps and It only took me eight hours… mind you it probably would have gone faster if I’da had someone outside holding the master cylinder for me 🙂 cheers!

Ryno5150 says:

Thank Ford engineers for this stupid design.

Audio6195 says:

I should of never bought this car! There goes 17grand

Dorian McCarthy says:

What is a Mozda?

Devon says:

Video helped, you don't need to disconnect steering column U-joint, clutch pedal assembly will come out without removal. I used a open end oil filter wrench to unlock and lock master cylinder.

Wasntplanned says:

I can't seem to get the whole clutch pedal out I removed all bolts its just the master cylinder holding it. I've been trying for 30 mins

Jed Riis says:

I just did this over the weekend, not looking forward to doing it again – heh. For those top bolts that are a pain in the ass to reach by going up under the dash I finally removed the steering column housing. From there if you look straight through the wire loom you will pretty much have the bolts in question directly in front of you, took me 30 seconds after that.

dan mendes says:

does this work on a 2011 mazdaspeed 3

V8 4eva says:

Doing this on a mazda5, it's the same thing. still can't get the pedal and master clutch on together, it gets stuck on the firewall, can't turn at all

Justin says:

Not looking forward to this, thank you for the video!

Rory Donovan says:

How did you solve the issue with the line leaking after the install?

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