Mazda 3 power window switch fix

Mazda 3 power window switch fix

This is for anyone that has verified that the problem is in their switch. This will not fix a bad motor or window assembly. Performed on my 2007 Mazda 3.



genarobar444 says:

Thank you!! I tried this and as many others it work as well. You really helped!

Dan Bade says:

This was my exact issue!! Thanks so much for posting!

Robert Vedutis says:

This video was a huge help, thank you. My driver's side window was working sporadically… in my case, the two little white plastic pieces you see in your right hand at 2:43 fell out and were just sitting in the plastic assembly. All I had to do was re-insert them and re-assemble. No cleaning or scrubbing. The window works like new now.

Thank you too for mentioning that it's a T6 torque head bit.

Marcello Marotta says:

Worked perfectly. Thank you

Luis Meraz says:

Thank you for posting that, I am going to try on my switch.

Monique Little says:

Thanks for the video. Saved me money! Worked perfectly on my drivers side window that wldnt go up on my 04 Mazda 3.

Randy Lines says:

So awesome. Thanks for posting. 🙂

Chris Vuocolo says:

Worked for me too. I wasn't sure I could pop that last black plastic cover off of the individual switch itself. Thanks for convincing me it just needed a little more aggressive prying.

BMXin702 says:

I'm very confused as to how to get the black box off that is covering the contacts. Does anyone have any information for me? Thank you so much

Pedro says:

Just did this for my 2011 Mazda 3 it works like a charm now. Thanks!

un quetzal records says:

Ok I'm going to try this on a 2011 Mazda 3. Wish me luck! Saludos desde Guatemala.

Susan Miller says:

Hey thanks for all of the help, but I dont think that you need to go that far into it. I didn't pop off that little square black cover and I think that you risk breaking stuff needlessly. I took apart the main switch body and then flooded all 4 switches with electrical parts cleaner and then all switches worked flawlessly 1OO% !!!!!! But hey thanks for the help to get me that far into the switch.

SenselessActsOfKindness says:

this is why youtube is awesome.

Also, Fuck power windows. If you're not crippled, crank the damn window. Mazda got me pissed off.

mtwithrow says:

Sweet. You just saved me $120 from Rockauto. Hopefully anyway. I will give this a shot.

Randy Morlen says:

Worked like a champ. Thanks! The hardest part was getting the black cover off the switch to get to the contact points.

Robb says:

Such stuff are so helpful bro. we tend to spend money on some old things that needs small tlc. Just opened mine and was doing the small scratch thing like you and I came here to check that I was doing something someone might know about more. Glad yours worked. Will let you know how it goes shortly. Thanks for helping others buddy

Steve says:

i got the same problem in my 2013. the rear right window rolls down but not up. I'll give it a shot. Thank you

GlassnGuns says:

Thank you good sir! figured it was a part that just needed a little TLC…. thanks for the super quick fix!

Zach Brown says:

i can't wait to try this. thank you

J Tetley says:

exactly what's happening with my car and the possible fix I'm looking for, thanks Jacob

zeropointpower says:

ill try this thanks

Irwin Moya says:

You are a life saver! I did this and it fixed my switch. Thanks a lot.

Keith Janelli says:

Jacob, I did just like you showed and it fixed my problem as well. Thanks for the tutorial!

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